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My wife and I just bought a home and upon moving in and hooking up our router (Linksys WRT54G) I was having issues with range and dropped connections. Granted the router is quite old, so I figured now as good a time as any to get an upgrade. I'm not the type to buy a new router ever year or every other year so I want something that can last me for the next 3-5 years.

I was looking at the ASUS RT-AC68 AC1900 and the NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 AC1900 as options that are going to be reasonable for the foreseeable future. My primary needs are that the range is good, a solid speed is maintained up to 20ft away from the router and that the connection does not drop regularly.

Anyone here have any knowledge they can drop on me as far as a router purchase? Should I go with one of the ones I've linked above or would it make more sense to go cheaper with a wireless-N router still? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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OMG, we are like twins or something. I have the same exact problem and the same model router. Lately, mine has not been doing well. The only difference between us is how much we are willing to spend. I will not spend more then 50$.... if u want maybe this will be a good choice while u take your time? D-Link DIR-605L. Its the one I think I will go for, it has reviewed well.

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@super2j: I see Amazon just put a lightning deal on the ASUS RT-N66W Dual-Band Wireless-N900 dropped down from $179.99 to $109.99. Only thing is it's just the white version on sale. This seems like it would fit what I want, except that it's still N and I just don't know enough about WiFi to know if it's worth sticking with N for now or just taking the jump to AC.

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Well, I just bit the bullet and bought the RT-N66W from Amazon on the lightning deal. It was 4.5/5 in reviews and I figured I can wait to get an AC router. In any case I'm sure it'll be a huge upgrade over my old Linksys.

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Weird we just bought the Asus RT-AC68U on Friday. Expensive for a router but I've reached the point where $230 up front for the next 3-4 years is a far more enticing solution than $70 every year. So far it's been superb. Excellent range and signal strength, the antenna allow us to get coverage across the whole house, both floors and no dropped connections yet. One of the things you really need to take into account when spending that kind of money on a router is the quality of the UI. It's such a significant step up in both functionality and ease of use. I don't know how big your family is or how many devices you guys have but it's a worthwhile investment for sure.

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I have the ASUS AC66U, and while it worked great the first few months I had it, I have been having a ton of problems with it since. Inconsistent data speeds, inconsistent range, ect. If you listen to the 11/21 edition of the Tested podcast about 2/3rds though, Will briefly describes issues he had with the same router. I have read other reviews where other people had similar issues. Not sure if the AC68 is any different, but I would not recommend ASUS routers.

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I've heard of the same issues @itspizza as they're all over the Amazon reviews. Seems that later firmware updates generally fix most of these issues or at least they did in the older models (such as the N66U), but maybe they just haven't gotten to that point with the AC66U yet? A lot of people talking about using Merlin firmware as well as it's just a customized version of the official firmware with a few improvements and bug fixes.

@Reisz I'd be interested to hear how it fares for you into the next few weeks and months. Hopefully updated firmware should help alleviate any issues of degrading signal that some people are complaining of in both the AC66U and AC68U. Otherwise that router seems to be pretty feature rich. If things go well for it I may upgrade to it and sell the N66W second hand.