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I bought a powered usb hub for experimentation, it was noname. When I cut the sealed package open I got hit with this super overwhelming odor (reminded me of how strong acetone can be). I search around online and learned about the "made in china smell". My only question is, do I have to worry about touching this thing? It is a usb hub being used by an adult. At worst, I can see myself touching it and eating a snack or touching my eyes. Is there any point in returning it and picking up a different (but same model) hub? HELLLP!

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If you touch it, your hand will fall off. Then you'll need to replace it with a bitchin' chainsaw.

I actually have no idea, but I'd assume it's okay to touch it.

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Please insert the device into your Smell-O-Vision sample tray and transmit it.

But it's probably Phthalates.

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It's just a USB hub. Take a damp paper towel and wipe it down. You could probably use some Lysol on it too.

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@tycobb: that was my first immediate thought but I also understand that depending on what that odour actually is, it may be baked into the plastic itself and will always be secreted... But I guess it cant hurt.

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@super2j: I would recommend wiping down the usb hub and then contacting whoever you purchased it from to ask about the smell. Sometimes products do have odd smells; though, I've never heard of a usb hub having one.

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Yeah, just give it a once over with the paper towel and a mild cleaning product. That'll kill off anything that might be harmful to you.

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...problem solved.. this damn hub is made only to charge stuff. LAME

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It's probably made out of mercury or something. The safest thing to do would be to rub it on your face and body, especially around any open sores.