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Hey duders, I see a lot of people wanting to make their own kindx of Quick Looks, videos streams, dota, whatever; but not everyone knows how to do it. So I thought I would put together a little guide on some thing you can do to simply, and cheaply record your own video content.

First off, you have to know if your computer can handle the game you want to play. I know it sounds pretty basic, but I recently bought two games that my computer played like crap without recording. So if I had tried to capture the gameplay, I would have been running like, 1 FPS. You can check your video systems a couple of ways, you can go to your video card manufacture's website, or Google for reviews about them. Once you have determined if you can play the game, you'll need to decide some basic ideas about how you want to present your content.

Just a few examples of this are, recording only gameplay, recording your audio and gameplay (like a Quick Look) or doing the whole video/audio/gameplay show like TNT or Unprofessional Fridays. Each person is different in what they feel comfortable doing, and the limitations of their equipment.

I'll start with the basics first. Recording gameplay. There are a lot of different products available for doing this, so it can be a little difficult to pick which one works. After personally testing out 5 different software choices, I ended up on Open Broadcast. It's simple, effective, and does everything that I've found in some of the other subscription software (such as Xsplit).

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This is the basic window you'll see when you fire up Open Broadcaster. I have my own sources set up, which allow me to switch between my monitors, images, gameplay, TV, or whatever else I set. OB lets you select from a large number of sources, and set quick keys to jump between the import sources easily. You're also able to combine sources, like having gameplay and web cam going at the same time.

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Open Broadcaster lets you set what kind of file you're exporting, where you want it to export (local or streaming) and the quick keys for starting/stopping.

From the side bar, you'll notice that you have options for the encoding and bitrate, things you can edit to help frames and file size, video sources, audio sources, ect ect.

Once you've got your gameplay going, you'll have to decide if you want to record your voice. If you do, microphones are your next stop. When doing a self production like this, I recommend using a headset. That way, you'll be able to have the game audio as high as you like it, and not worry about echo. Personally, I use a basic Plantroncis headset.

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If you want a video of yourself, then you're going to need a webcam too. For most people on a laptop, you'll have a built-in webcam that does a decent job of capturing your face. If you have the money, and want some really nice HD picture. Microsoft has a line of really good HD Cameras. I don't do video recordings of myself, so it isn't really my area of expertise.

You also have to figure out where you'd like to stream. Usteam, justin.tv, or twitch. Of course, if you want to do some testing, and get your basics down first, then just export the video to your desktop and upload it somewhere.

This is just a basic guide to get you guys started! If you have any questions, or want me to write more about a specific thing, I would be happy to do such.

Thanks for reading duders!

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Wow, nice post.

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Other than using a headset then yeah, this is a good post.

Nothing beats having good pair of headphones and like, a Yeti mic(other microphones are available)
Hell, I've seen people just use their Rock Band mics when streaming and those are fine.

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That's a terrific guide, especially for streamers. gj!

For anyone more concerned about the end result than the process, it's worth mentioning that Fraps and overdubbing are also perfectly fine and the more traditional method. For people who aren't talkers & players (like me) it makes for a lot more control over the audio being clean, relevant, and informative by being able to script it out and follow the action just as the viewer is. Not to mention clearing up the audio if you're prone to umming and such. My technique is to talk or mutter while I'm recording, like a dry run with all the necessary pauses and timing. For me, I'm not trying to record something reactive by going in cold. (You'll want Hamster for that. :)

Part of the reason Quick Looks are so good, is the two-hander (or more!) aspect of them. It is much easier to respond to questions, than improvise everything worth talking about. QL pacing is quite different than solo vids like Bombasticas, and different again when watching a live chat, because questions. But of course, the GB crew has a decade of experience being recorded. U Get Pro.

Finally, just like becoming skilled at improv makes for more entertaining reactions, becoming skilled at overdubbing makes it harder for anyone to tell that you weren't just talking & playing in one stream of consciousness. :) There are a lot of skills involved, and I probably won't master it!

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@zeforgotten: Thanks for the input, I will definitely look into headphone microphone separation like they do in Quick Looks.

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How do I get Vinny to come record with me? :(

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@killacam said:

How do I get Vinny to come record with me? :(

If you build it, he will come.

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@killacam said:

How do I get Vinny to come record with me? :(

Just record his laughter from a random Quick Look and add it into yours! I'm sure there's also lotsa comments he has made that could be used in various games!

I actually once thought about making a fake Quick Look with that method...but it turned out to be too complex...and creepy.