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Couldn't find a thread for the show and just wanted to talk about this weeks episode because it reminded me of Hotline Miami and was wondering if anyone else did as well.

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I had to stop watching Misfits halfway through the last season because the quality had decreased to the point of no return. Robert Sheehan was a true loss for the series, and without Iwan Rheon, they really don't have any legs left.

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Didn't manage to even get through the first episode of this season because I found the new cast members pretty unlikable. However, I have heard that some of the more recent episodes are better, so I might give it a shot at some point.

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Is that the one with the British kids and the super powers? I couldn't get into it

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If you're at all interested, the latest episode is easily the best episode this season!

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I didn't think about it until you brought it up, but yeah. Too bad no one got hit with a door. 
@Chaser324 said:

Didn't manage to even get through the first episode of this season because I found the new cast members pretty unlikable. However, I have heard that some of the more recent episodes are better, so I might give it a shot at some point.

I have that problem with a lot of shows at the beginning of the first season and with such a big shakeup this season, Misfits has the same issue. I think they've done a pretty good job of finding their footing and getting the characters working. They fill the same roles but in a different way than the original cast, so I can understand why some people aren't interested in continuing with the show. 
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First season is amazing, second gets resolved way to quick and losing one of the major characters (and replacing him with the most annoying dickwad ever) was a blow to the vagina.
I really recommend anyone to go watch the first season however. the way Nathan goes from irritating bully to the most amazing person ever is great.

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Probably the best episode they've had this series and he wasn't even in it for much of it. It has gone to absolute shit in my opinion (but yet I still watch it) there's no through line, the first two seasons had that. Series 3 was just a series of seemingly one off episodes, Zombies, Time Traveling Nazi's, which wasn't as good as what it was but at least they revelled in the camp factor, this is just...shit. It's starting to build now I guess but yeah (someone stole a penis, didn't they do that already?)...even Curtis had to kill himself to get off the show.

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Watched the first season and loved it. Some hilarious moments in there, and Nathan is a fantastic character even if he is completely despicable. Kind of never got into season 2 though.

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People hate change. I do not.

I loved the original cast seasons, and I love it now. It hasn't gotten any worse, just different. I'd go so far as to say it's a completely different show. To compare it to Community for a second, both shows had beginnings that wanted to be somewhat grounded amongst all the weirdness. Then they both kind of gave in to their impulses and started getting real weird with it.

As far as the new characters, I actually think Jess is more fully realized female character than any previous. Alisha and Kelly both seemed a bit one dimensional, and never really became anything more. Jess seems like (if they don't blow it) she could have a character arc that actually makes sense and not revolve around a man rescuing her. Finn on the other hand... dudes creepy.

And, believe it or not, I prefer Rudy to Nathan. I didn't at first, I thought he was a lam knockoff/replacement, but I've grown to really enjoy his character and become attached to him. Whereas Nathan was funny, but I didn't really care about him more than a laugh.

For the new episode, I thought they kind of wasted the killer bunny guy. Only killed one person, and wasn't much of a threat. Nothing like that GTA guy before.

Misfits, like Friday Night Lights, can make drastic character entrances and exits without it seeming really forced. The only one that sticks out is Kelly, but that's because the actress is in jail or some shit.

tl;dr: 's good.

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Loved the bunny in the last episode, really want a wallpaper with that rabbit in the elevator. While I'm still an avid watcher, nothing beats the first season, Nathan was amazing. I'm liking Rudy more than I originally did, but I cannot give two shits about the new short guy. He's just weak in every way. They need a 'normal' character to bounce off the insanity and 'lead' the group. Also, I kind of wish they were going somewhere with the new probation worker. When they introduced him I immediately thought he was from some Government agency looking for people with powers. But so far he hasn't done shit.

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Series 4 is much better than series 3. Rudy is better than Nathan as well.

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The first season had a lot of promise, but never lived up to it. The world the writers created was completely illogical (yes, even fantasy stories should follow logical principles otherwise nothing in any plot matters) and characters story-lines that began with promise went nowhere. I tried some second season but the show never got over it's problems so I gave it up.

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First season was great. and the second was ok. Ever since it's got worse and worse. Hopefully it gets better, but I don't know how long I'll give it a chance.