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Well I know that this may be considered spam or whining but really I just need a place to vent. Just to clear the mind really so I'm going to start when things started to turn south.

So about 7-8 months ago I thought things were going all right with the exception of breaking up with my girlfriend. Yeah I made the decision to end it after almost 10 years of being together, engaged, and all that. The last year with her was fine but it opened my eyes to a future I didn't feel comfortable with. Wonderful lady, just not the one. So back on track, We broke up, I stayed in the house (we rented) and with an idiotic notion that I'd be able to pay all the bills.

About a month of living on my own I was told about a job that would be the same position (Warehouse Supervisor) but would pay better. I was making around $19 an hour and this new job would pay $27 an hour. Well it turns out the reason most likely was they were asking me to forge safety documentation on their Pressure testing machine. Needless to say with pressure ratings of 15000 as a mawp and being asked to just simply forge it, I left without the ability to go back to my old job.

So a month goes by looking for a job to pay bills, rent, whichever. Can't find anything so I begrudgingly move back home. I wish I could say it was for the best but the last time I spoke to my father we nearly came to blows. This move was probably the worst choice. The last time I spoke to my father was a few years ago when my sister passed away she was suppose to pick me up for dinner at her place. See, she was going to pick me up but I called here saying I got stuck working overtime so go on without me. Well she got into a car accident and because I told her not to pick me up my father blames me for it and has called me a murderer multiple times for it. So now I deal with hearing those comments on a daily basis.

So about a month and 1/2 later I find another Warehouse Supervisor job. I was pretty stoked about it, hell, I was happy. Shortly in though (around 1 month) I had two close people pass in a car accident and about 3 weeks later a friend committed suicide. Needless to say a pretty hard month. Didn't miss a day of work cause I see this job as my ticket to get out of here.

So I reach my 3 month probation. I was feeling down so I bought myself a gift. The monday after I buy my gift (Feb 3rd) I get pulled to the side for a meeting and it turns out everyone in the building likes the kind of worker I am. Show up early, don't complain about overtime, job, weather, what have you. Turns out they may have hired too many people or so I was told but they like me and no one has had a complaint about my work ethic. So they tell me that if I want to stay I should have a daily log to write my going on through out the day. Done, no problem. That is, till today when my car decided to break down on the way to work. Again, yeah shitty luck but hey, it could be anything I keep telling myself. Turns out even after getting my car a tune-up, oil change, and new winter tires at the end of November my cars engine completely kicks the bucket... So I'm told it'll be around $6000 for a new engine and service and if that's not worse I gotta prove my worth so to speak at a job and somehow get to and from work( Live a half hour out of town).

Welp, that's about it for my whining. Apology's for anyone who wasted their time reading the rambling complaints of a stranger and sorry if this is considered spam. Just needed some time to write and clear the mind. I know for sure others have a lot worse going for them and I should be thankful for what I have. I just feel like I'm going mad and have no one to talk to so why not the users of Giantbomb.

Thanks for letting me vent. Also, please, please don't buy a Pontiac Sunfire. Just don't...

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Don't blame you for venting, all of that really blows. However, it's nice to hear that you aren't just giving up or anything. Though you can't control the circumstances around you, you can control how you react to everything. How it affects your character, your way of thinking. You can determine if you let a chain of bad events break you, or make you stronger than before.

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No problem, dude. I'm really sorry for your misfortunes.

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Hope things gradually get better for you duder!

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Man, that sounds like one heck of a bad luck streak. I can't blame you for needing to vent. I hope everything turns around for you, be optimistic!

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The death of your sister (my condolences) is totally not your fault. Your dad is a total and complete asshole for trying to blane you for it.

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As someone who knows the feeling of a long stretch of bad luck I can say that I'm fairly certain things will look up eventually just stay strong and ignore what you can. (like your asshole of a father)

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That sucks dude, seriously, I empathize with you, but keep trucking, keep a goal in sight if you can. Stay strong, remember that there are good times to look forward to whether or not you can see them coming.

2 years ago I left a 10$ an hour job for a 20$ an hour job, it was pretty awesome, I was happy. About three weeks into that job my supervisor won 36,000,000 dollars. Three days latter they canned me because they said they no longer had anyone to train me.

Well of course I couldn't get my old job back. After about 4 months my savings dried up, I couldn't find a job. So, I had to move back home. After a few months here, a family member offered to let me stay with him in Alberta while I trained to be a pipe fitter, he promised me a job, this was all his idea. So I went there reluctantly. During this time I started to notice that my gut felt off a fair bit. I had seen doctors here but they had no idea what it was.

So I went on my buisness, studied, passed all the tests I needed to pass, meanwhile feeling worse and worse. But of course, no job came. I went down to the union office a few days a week, no luck. My uncle quit his job and burnt my chance of getting hired by the company he was working for. During all of this I was seeing doctors a few times a week trying to figure out what the hell was going on and why I was shitting blood 5 times a day. Eventually it was figured out through a colonoscopy that I had Chron's, and it was pretty severe.

By the time they had figured out what it was I had ulcers all through my lower intestine, and had developed an absses in my rectum. Which was causing my HUGE pain. Of course the whole time I was being told by my ignorant ass aunt and uncle that it was all in my head and I was just 'making excuses'.

Well it got really bad, for a week I could barely move, even breathing, pissing, shitting, was all extremely painful. I couldn't walk, I was in too much pain. My bodyweight had gone from a muscular 210 pounds to a frail 175 pounds over the two months.

Eventually my uncle freaked out at me for being 'useless' after two weeks of not really moving. I tried to explain that I could barely breathe, let alone walk. He continued yelling at me and talking down to me, eventually I lost my shit and started yelling back. (as much as I could manage) he stepped up to me, backing me toward a flight of stairs. I locked eyes with him and stepped forward. He tells me he'll knock my head off. And tell me to get out, he's calling the cops.

There was nothing I could do, I was so fucking sick, had no money, was a provence away from home. And my surgery to remove my absess was the next day. Of course there was no reasoning with the fucker.

I had to borrow money from a friend to get a hotel and plane tickets, my absess burst that night in the hotel. I was very angry.

Anyways, now I have my medication, I am healthy, I've managed to save some money from a job I started last year, I'm in better shape than ever before, and stronger. In the gym 5 days a week. And I'm working one more year so save, then move to Victoria this fall to be with my friends in a beautiful city with lots of stuff to do and beer! I'm happy, and I never would have imagined that I'd be in this state of mind two years ago.

Things look up

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@big_jon: Wow...dude, good on you for sticking with it and getting better financially and health wise. That sounded rough.

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Keep trucking duder. Things will get better. They always do. Might not turn out exactly how you imagined, but it will get better.

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Man, this must be harsh. It'll get better though, keep on dude!

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@mason20: Man that sounds HORRIBLE. In regards to the car you could probably scrap yours for a couple hundred and pay less money simply buying a new (used) model.

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Sounds like you've been through a lot and you're still having bad luck. But good to hear you're not giving up easily, means you're a strong individual. I'll pray for you dude, hope things'll get better, and soon.

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Man, this thread is getting me down. Props to all of you for hanging in there makes me realize some of my "problems" are pretty trivial compared to what some of you have had to deal with.

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Hang in there, as trite as it sounds things will get better. Vent on the forums as much as you need to, the community will always listen.

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Your dad sounds like a real piece of shit.

That's all I really have to add to this.

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@random45: You know here is the thing. To me it seems like he is just unable to face reality and accept her death was a random accident and instead blaming someone because blaming someone is easy its a funnel for your emotions. That isn't to say he isn't acting shitty but I think an examination of why that might happen might at the very least engender a modicum of empathy.

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Hey dude hang in there no matter how much shit piles on you. One of these days you'll find something worth value through all the crud.

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Wow dude, that's a rough stretch. but things can really turn fast. Dont let the bad hold you back when you see the good opportunities come along. They will come.

Your father is a cunt. You should let him know and try to keep some distance from him.

No meth or other drugs or prison time, no crippling child support or a psychotic ex? Doing all right in quite a few departments man. Hang in there.

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@big_jon: Duder, I live in Victoria, after that story I need to buy you a beer

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Dang I don't know what to say.

I'm really sorry for the loss of your friend and especially your sister.

While some things may never heal all the way, all you can do is just try to get through this until hopefully life calms down enough for you to process this massive amount of loss you've suffered.

Best wishes

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You could probably buy a piece of shit car that runs for less than 6 grand.

Anyway, my heart goes out to you!

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@jay_ray: Haha that's awesome man, beautiful city, I love it. I'd totally be down to grab a couple brews with a fellow duder when I moved own in late November!

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I broke up with this girl back in '94, I packed her stuff and left it at the door, then went to the record store and bought some cassette tapes. Leaving her was a great choice. After I left she got with some other guy and i begged her too come back she declined then got with his friend, then that guys friend and another guy. She got into drugs at some point. her roundness is two fifty now. Im so happy to not be with her. Oh fuck am i happy, you cant imagine the joy i feel not being with her. I see her in town and think fuck she is nasty. Just wait twenty years and see what she looks like. If she turns out to be like this one you'll be thankful. I may be broke right now but i dont have her. I could be broke with her in my bed.

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There is no such thing as luck or fate. Just an endless stream of cause and effects bouncing off of one another on the macro scale. Take responsibility for the things you have done. If after evaluating something you've done you realize you could have done better while staying true to yourself fix it and move on. If you are too unstable or weak to handle close relationships, cut them off and strengthen yourself. Lest you become yet another statistic as well.

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If venting helps you duder then by all means vent away.

Sorry I can't offer you any more helpful advice other than keep on keeping on.