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You know them, and either you fast them or channel surf through them. You gotta admit there is at least one or two commercials that you remember that kick so much ass that is hurts in a good way.

This newest topic in what I hope may become a more monthly or daily thing is dedicated to the greatest commercials of all time. Either so awesome or so bad that it is good!

My first choice is a newer one. A direct TV ad.

This entire commercial is amazingly well done, the effects, acting, and writing are all fucking amazing. The punchline... or explodeline is quite amazing. In fact, I have to say that Direct TV has some of the best current commercials right now on TV. All of them are this awesome! Hell... I almost want to get this service now thanks to these commercials... almost.

Now onwards to the next, a classic from the old days of atari. I have to repost it every time due to the sheer awesome factor. JOUST FOR ATARI!

Now... that is such a weird commercial, hell it was one of my first blogs! It was that insane! I have no words to properly describe what lies in that video... but you will greatly thank me for seeing such a acid trip of weirdness.

Now... BEHOLD!!! THE SO BAD ITS GOOD COMMERCIAL FROM MY OWN HOMETOWN! The level of bad is equal to The Room in terms of production and quality standards!

I... I am so ashamed yet so proud of this commercial, it is at a level of bad not seen in many a googleplex amount of years... The funny thing is. I know of worse commercials from my hometown. Yet I am unable to find them on youtube. Thankfully, this one survived the fires of unknown torment only to be brought out to the light like a freak of nature in a circus. It is that insane and it is truly that bad!

Now then. Share your commercials that you love or even hate with all your being! Share them with the world!

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That puppet sounds like It's saying "Mash Potatoes" lol

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Somebody post the Cadbury Gorilla advert.

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That fucking jingle, man.

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This one right here:

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How is this not the first video posted?

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Get well soon.

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What about the ones where birds are trying to crap on car to Highway to the Dangerzone? OMG That was epic when i was a kid!

Edit- Found it!


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Irn Bru have the best adverts in the universe.

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@MrBoBo said:

Irn Bru have the best adverts in the universe.

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I remember this one for Final Fantasy VII blowing me the hell away when I first saw it:

I'm pretty sure this is the extended version so it would have only been on demo discs, but they had a shorter ad on TV. I remember thinking "man, video games have LANDED".

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This is the pinnacle of video game advertisement greatness.

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Oh, and Winston Cigarettes - advertised by the Flintstones of course!

The 1984 Apple Macintosh commercial, it is pretty much insane, hell it seems more like an anti-Apple commercial.

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@President_Barackbar said:

This one right here:

I'd like to see that episode of Mad Men lol.

A few personal favourites:

I don't know why it says banned commercial, it was aired pretty frequently here.

Not David Lynch, but Tim Hope.

Just awesome. For a TV set apparently.

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My favorite commercial ever. This is my Summer jam.

If I'm ever in Cleveland, I'm looking this place up:

I was 4 when I first saw this ad and it made smoking strangely appealing to me at the time...

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There once was an ol' lady...who lived in a shoe...

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When I was a kid in the early 90's, this was an infamous series of local commercials in the Chicagoland area. should remember these.

I give you... Eagle Man:

...And the wife. This one "stars" talk radio shock-jock Mancow Muller:

And finally, the stunning conclusion to the epic trilogy:

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Also, Blu Blockers.

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I've never had a cat before, this made me want to get one.

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For me it's this:

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I don't know why but for some reason I really like this ad. 
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"This entire commercial is amazingly well done, the effects, acting, and writing are all fucking amazing"

lol k

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@Dimsey: They still make these???

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Possibly my favorite foreign advertisement, and maybe Alex Navarro's favorite ad of all time:  

One of my favorite classic ads:
  And maybe my favorite videogame ad:  
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Has to be this one

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It's funny because it's true.

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Still a favorite commercial for me.

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I have always loved this Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls ad (watch in HD):

Some other good ones

Honda makes really good ads and this is one of my favorites:

This is not only a good ad, but a pretty damn accurate social commentary:

Funny commercial for an Army? Only in Sweden:

Classic PS2 ad:

Pretty new and also amazing PS3 ad:

I'm going to quote a youtube comment (this might be the first time anyone has attempted this): "'This ad better sell some bloody beer.' Most honest line in a commercial, EVER!"

Just to balance the consoles up here is the classic 360 shootout commercial:

I don't like kids, so this one really speaks to me:

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@Wrighteous86: Those eagle commercials are... frightening as hell... Damn... I thought my hometown commercials were bad!

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Double Sun POWERRRR! I love Old Spice commercials

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An advert for some kind of cleaning product.

The clumsy dad started to use the blender without the lid on, causing the smoothie to fly everywhere. The kid with him then says in the most whiny voice, 'put the lid on'.

I will always remember the way that kid said that, I bet the advert would be almost impossible to find though. It's only funny to me.

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A personal favorite of mine.

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Got two more here! First one is Japanese so... yeah, it has singing, if you don't like Japanese singing I don't sugguest it, but is does show you how that Gumball show on Cartoon network is pretty damn popular over there.

Also, not all EA advertising is bad... even though I did think the Dead Space 2 stuff was fucking hilarious I do think that this next video is just awesome.akdfljajfjdajaosjdfkas

Okay... making fun of a video game glitch like this was just an awesome idea. Whoever in marketing thought this one up deserves a high five.

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@Fluttercry: I was wondering if anyone was going to post the Terry Crews old Spice commercials. Major props for posting those ads, I also found some newer ads that are pretty damn funny!  
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One of the most ridiculous food commercials I've seen, yet I still pretty much love it. There is even a music video!

And.. here's this. Computers are breaking!

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I'm a big fan of this one.

Also, these are some of my favorite commercials ever. I want to live my life like the people in these ads.