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Poll: most professional day of the week? (131 votes)

Monday 23%
Tuesday 40%
Wednesday 21%
Thursday 4%
Friday (NOPE) 8%
Saturday 2%
Sunday 2%

Okay, since Friday is the most unprofessional day of the week, which one is the most professional? Personally I am leaning towards Sunday.

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The secret eight day of the week: Termiday.

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"Hey everyone, it is tuesday and..."

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Monday cause that's the day they usually record the podcast and plan out the week.

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Tuesday. Because some people are still hung over on Monday. So Tuesday is the real beginning of the week.

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I'm so professional at being unprofessional so it has to be Friday for me.

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Duh, Wednesday... or has everyone forgotten that show?

It's a shame because I thought they killed it just as it began to hit it's stride :(

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I say Tuesday. Monday is a mulligan and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday is "getting prepared for the weekend and fuck everything else that needs to get done this week."

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Probably Tuesday. Monday I have no energy, Wednesday I'm back to not having energy, Thursday is filled with me thinking about Friday, and Friday is filled with me staring at clocks. Tuesday really is my best day energy and enthusiasm-wise.

Edit; oh, we're talking about the GB crew? Fuck that! I'm going to keep talking about myself!

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I'd say It's definitely.... Made ya look ;D

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Sunday? How is that in any way professional? Sunday is the day that I prop my feet up, yawn, and play video games all day (and occasionally record a podcast). I can't imagine doing anything else on Sunday. EDIT: Except the paper due Monday that I've been procrastinating on for two weeks. Those never fail to rear their ugly heads.

Tuesday, though, now that's a professional day. You've gotten past the beginning of the week woes on Monday, you're not yet stuck in the despair of Wednesday, and you're not thinking about the end of the week like you are during Thursday and Friday.

So, yeah. Tuesday is like that mystical time between 10 and 12 o' clock, when you get virtually all of your work done.

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I was gonna answer, then I realised I haven't ever acted professionally on a consistent enough basis to know.

I feel in my bones that it might beeeeee. Wednesday. It's the furthest removed from the weekend after all.

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I'd go with Tuesday; Monday's are always kind of a slog, and Tuesday is the day where I'm back in it and ready to work.

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Obviously its Saturday cause you have the longest time span till Friday.

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Tuesday ...... other days are filled either with grief for not being weekend or that the weekend is near

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Tuesday blows.

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Super Tuesday. The most professional day of the week.

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If I have a meeting to go to it's usually on a wednesday morning.

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...and the rest of the week.

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There's a reason I have structured my hours so that I am off on Tuesday and Wednesdays instead of the actual weekend. My days off are the ones where people are most likely to be in serious business mode.

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Wednesday. Middle of the week so you've got your shit together, and the weekend doesn't seem too far off so it's not as miserable of a day like Monday or Tuesday.