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TRAILER IS NSFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need some opinions. Just watched this trailer and I'm not sure if my funny bone is broken, or if this just an absolutely god awful trailer. It's got an all star cast, but man I didn't laugh once. The closest I got was Halle Berry blowing out the blind kids birthday candles. So is it me, or is it an absolutely atrocious trailer? I like immature comedy. 40 Year Old Virgin, Anchorman, Step Brothers, 21 Jump Street. They all made me laugh uproariously. I'm not a prude. But man... this trailer.

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It's a compilation of short films, that why the trailer seems all over the place. But yeah, much fail.

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Looks pretty damn unfunny, but will most likely make a shit ton of money like most mediocre comedies. The only difference is, this one has a pile of big actors.

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I thought parts were funny and I'd see it just cause I'm a sucker for some of the actors/actresses in it.

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@runnah555 said:

It's a compilation of short films, that why the trailer seems all over the place. But yeah, much fail.

Oh I know. It's like 27 shorts. Read it was 3 hours long.

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Previewing comedies is hard because you don't have the benefit of establishing a premise, or build up, and yet you need to make them laugh and at the same time you have to try not to ruin the punchline. Normally trailers get around this by establishing the funny central premise of the movie, and showing hints of wacky scenes, but as this is a compilation of shorts it can't capitalize on the former, so they could only make use of the latter resulting in a disjointed trailer reminiscent of trailers for nonsense like Scary Movie because those films suffer from the same problem. So yeah it does look shitty from this, but I wouldn't judge it based on the trailer.

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I'm only watching for McLovin.

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Jesus the last bit about the foot 1/2 dick got me lmfao.

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I chuckled.. Then again I can usually watch bad comedies and laugh..

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@runnah555 said:

It's a compilation of short films, that why the trailer seems all over the place.

Oh, I was wondering what was up with that.

In any case, I thought it was kinda funny. Not funny enough to go see it in theaters, but funny enough that I'd still take time out to watch it on netflix or something.

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I laughed at Emma Stone's wizard line, that shit was hilarious. I kind of want to see it just to see the people be in really dark comedy situations.

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Looks alright, if there's funnier shit not shown in the trailers it could be good.

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I thought Terrence Howard was kinda funny. His lines were shit, but I just found his energy entertaining. Also Stephen Merchant... c'mon, now. Laughs will be had at least somewhere in this movie that much is assured!

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@Inkerman: Yeah that shit alone makes me kinda want to see it.

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So basically what I'm taking away from this is the sales pitch for this is "Yo, dis shit be all fucked up and crazy yo." Which usually means the movie is going to try to trade on shock value in lack of any real comedy.

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Me when I was 19 would probably be all opinionated and find this annoying and pandering, and if I was 17 I'd think it was awesome and cool.

Right now I'm 21 and yea sure I could watch this, I like Emma Stone.

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This looks fucking terrible in a way I can get behind.

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Really bad trailer, doesn't express that this is a series of short films and also throws out all sense of pacing to just show "fucked up shit." The latter is true of nearly all comedy and horror movies, so I've gotten used to not judging those genres too harshly based on trailers.

I think it could be really funny. Really enjoyed the bits with Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin, and the delivery on the basketball part made bad lines pretty funny. But I'm not rushing to the theaters to see it, either.

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One or two bits seemed mildly entertaining, but I have a feeling they're going to drive every single joke into the ground.

But yeah, overall, holy shit that looks like a catastrophe.

Also, +5 points to OP for posting a Youtube video and then starting a proper discussion. Mods, get this man a cupcake!

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Jesus the last bit about the foot 1/2 dick got me lmfao.

Me too. I think parts of this look pretty funny. I think the whole "so offensive!" marketing angle doesn't do it any favours. That always comes across super lame.
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I admit that the trailer looks bad, but the cast has me interested. Comedy trailers can be misleading, or at the very least hard to read. I remember seeing the 21 Jump Street trailer and thinking that the movie was going to be terrible, even though I like the cast. But it tuned out to be great.

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Emma Stone is my shepherd and I follow her call.

I'm a huge Emma fan (bigger than Rorie, I'd say) and I'm actually curious as to how this is going to play out. Her wizard line was alright, but Terrence Howard's lines got to me more than anyone else. Like said, it was more his delivery than the actual "joke". I'll wait for it on Netflix, but if my movie crew wants to go see this, I'll bite. Worst case, we'll laugh because it sucks.

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I lol'd. Going into it knowing it's a bunch of separate stories may have helped. Probably not.