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After listening to this weeks Bombcast I started thinking about where the Fast & Furious franchise could go in the future besides the typical "In Space" setting that most franchises go to die (for those who will say Leprechaun in Space was alright, that movie was terrible). I started thinking what if the Fast and Furious franchise crossed over with the Transformers franchise. What if there was a life or death race in some part of a fast and furious film with Paul Walker's character Brian O'Connor racing to save his girl and bam he hits the nos button and suddenly his car transforms into Hot Rod and smokes the other car with its guns. Dumb movie plus stupid movie has to equal stupidly dumb good movie right? So that's what I'd like to see in a cross over movie, do you folks have any ideas of some film franchises that would actually make sense crossing over or would actually sound pretty cool?