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I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good movies or comics about Robin Hood or characters similar to that personality type. I'm asking because I finally found a group of folks to play D&D with tomorrow and the character I made is basically a Robin Hood style archetype and I'm trying to find some inspiration on how to Role Play him in the game. I will kind of hodgepodge some bits of characters together with the guy and see what I come up with, but I could really use some kind of inspiration to start from for a bases and go from there the more I play the guy and fill in his backstory in my head.

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Green Arrow. Have fun.

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Leverage. It's basically Robin Hood and his merry men (and women) set in modern times.

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Just be Garrus Vakarian, but make random Libertarian comments every now and again.

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@mideonnviscera: He's just Batman with a bow and arrow. :(

Green Arrow? No way.

What a lot of people don't know is that Batman is a stock character in the "mystery man" archetype. See, superheroes didn't just pop out of nowhere wearing tights and capes and punching people out. They evolved that point over years. First there were basic heroic stories of "Adventure men" (I just made that term up) like Conan, Flash Gordon, etc. But then those stories evolved into the "mystery man" archetype. Those stories, like The Shadow or The Lone Ranger tended to feature a rich, crime fighting socialite in their 30's who were accompanied by a sidekick ward/manservant. They usually fought crime with their gadgets such as The Sandman's gas guns or The Shadow's special car.

Batman, Robin, The Batmobile, The Bat-cave, Alfred, and Bruce Wayne are all well worn cliche's of the genre. Even Batman's infamous rogue's gallery isn't all that far off from the likes of Dick Tracy.

So, Green Arrow and Batman are definitely similar, but only in ways that are common for the genre. GA is unique for his left-wing ideologies and brash bravado.

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Good luck with your game. I played for the first time a few months ago and I'm having a blast.

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Are you trying to be some kind of scoundrel who defies the law such as Zorro, Ezio Audiotore, or Zavin from dragon age? Or are you trying to be a hunter/ranger who can track their prey in the woods and cares about having the perfect shot like a sniper such as Legolas from lord of the rings?

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Fantômas - master thief, supervillian who is willing to kill to get his way. French origin. From the 1900s & turn of C20th. Has supernatural powers; rat plague. Wears a black hood.

Diabolik - master thief, anti-hero who is less likely to kill to get his way. Italian origin. From the 1960s. Uses gadgets drives a 61 Jaguar E-Type. Wears a black mask.

If you want the vigilante type there's the Shadow.