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Post yours! 
Here's mine: 

  You could take a dump to this song and it would still be badass. It's also great slow-motion walking music.
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This will make anything bad-ass.  

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hey dude, i think you should add more text, otherwise this would be considered youtube spam :I

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  Thread over.
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@Chadster: haha I was JUST about to post that. You, sir, know what's up
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@Chadster said:


  Thread over. "
The Guile Theme makes ANYTHING badass. 
Washing Dishes? Guile Theme!
Checking the mail? Guile Theme!

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theme from terminator

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I choose this:

The official video was 'embedding disabled' or whatnot, but this sounds the same :P
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In before unoob spam lock/delete! 
Nothing beats this.  

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Post yours! 
Here's mine: 
  You could take a dump to this song and it would still be badass. It's also great slow-motion walking music.
I just took a dump to this song and it was, in fact, badass. Good choice.
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  It even makes parody videos seem badass.
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  It deserves to be posted twice.

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Excellent choice for Hell March, over ten years on and it still got used in Top Gear       
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  I listen to this song everyday before going to the gym to get ready. definitely gets the blood pumping I can understand why Metallica has been opening with it for so long. 
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Woo, another neatly disguised spam thread! OK, well my +1 song is:

Damn Yakuza know what works when they wanna stamp peoples faces in.
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  Well, I got two and they are both boss themes from my childhood, so badass! 


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@WonderboyCoz said:
" Well, I got two and they are both boss themes from my childhood, so badass!

Nice! I prefer Sonic 3's boss music though. 

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@Soapy86:  yeah, thats more heroic sounding but to be honest I harbour a secret hatred for post sonic 2 games due to a certain lame-ass red-haired echidna

now that I think of it, Sonic 1 had an awesome boss theme too!

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Some awesome replies here, I had Guile's Theme in mind but since it was already posted:


And also:


Drew's Bombcast spin-off got a lot of awesome music
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 Say you have a pregnant GF or wife. Now strap on some headphones around her belly and put on this song... That little motherfucker will come out with a full beard and a chest full of hair, regardless of gender. thats how bad ass this song is. 

Also anything else from Two Steps From Hell is amazing

 @Musou gotta love Dexter

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In before Guile Theme....oh wait.

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Twice as bad-ass if you've ever watched The Departed.
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@extremeradical: NIIIICE! That has been my ringtone for quite some time. Also UFC fighter Forrest Griffin walks out to this and I always get pumped up for it.
And The Departed is a great movie

And on a more game related note
  Not that big of fan of the games themselves but I wont deny that the Halo series has one of the best soundtracks in gaming.
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  I win.
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  Had to be done.
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nothing beats For Whom The Bell Tolls

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For any of you into electro-house or house music this is a bomb mix. I've kinda become tired of "retro video game remixes" but this one is WELL worth listening to.

Edit: It takes a couple minutes to pick up good-like.


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If you understand Norwegian, this:

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Dance of the Knights  

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The Highlander Theme

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I'm ready to break windows.


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  Thank you Mr. Cash
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@Axxol: You sir, have excellent taste. This will always give me a shot of electricity.

But of course:
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