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We've had quite a few of these threads, many of them years old, but most got locked for random reasons, so the purpose of this is to hopefully hear from the artists that contributed there, to share some of your new sounds, or if you haven't contributed in the past, sharing music from your latest endeavors. I am just starting out in the music creation side of things, and wanted to hear what the other duders have been making recently. My alias is Cornlove, which sounds dumb, but I got the name from the incredibly stupid, but also at the same time pretty fantastic Playstation dynamic theme of the same name. My sounds are late 80's early 90's slow, soft synth melodies. Twin peaks, anoraak, com truise and College have huge influence over my style and pace. Would love to hear what you think, and even better, post what you have made recently!

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Here's the dynamic theme.

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Here's a couple:

I'm trying to write a late-romantic/impressionist kind of piano piece at the moment,

. . . and for contrast, here's some French Screamo-inspired stuff (minus the screaming).

What kinda software are you using?

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Not me but a close friend:

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This is like a decade old. I transcribed this from a recording my friend gave me so it's not an original composition.

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I'm on the ipad atm but I'll get back with links and youtube clips and shit. But if you really want to check it out just search spotify or equal for Inside I.

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Really cool song, man. Personally, I miss something happening.

Here's my band's recently released EP. It's on iTunes, if anyone wants a download.

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When these threads come up, I just link to my Youtube channel. It's a pain actually recording my types of songs without a drummer so I rarely get past the demo phase.  I should learn how to work a drum machine, it seems.

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Some very chill experimental/prog rock, similar to Do Make Say Think or Godspeed You Black Emperor...

My ole college band, The Mammal Animals



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I'd love to put some of my music up on here but I'm fucking terrible lol

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A few trackzillas:

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With plenty more over this-a-way: THA Radio.

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@jonano said:

I'd love to put some of my music up on here but I'm fucking terrible lol

Music making is so hard to get into, it's almost like the programs don't want you to start. And that's not even talking about the massive creative blocks that seem to be worse for music than any other artistic medium for me.

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A couple of songs from our album. iTunes link

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This is my soundcloud account if you want to check out my pieces:


Most of it is a little far out and is mostly coursework that I did for my undergraduate. Today I uploaded my first assignment for my Masters. Hope you enjoy them, and if not that you at least find them interesting. :P Also, around January time I'll be uploading some more music since I have a bunch of assignments in on the 8th.

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I made an EP just for fun (with 2 originals and 4 covers). I did all the instruments myself (electronic drums, guitar and bass played on a real guitar with virtual amps).

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From oldest to newest, about a ten year span:

I have hundreds of tracks lying around in various directories, on external hard drives and on old CDs that you people are some of the first to ever hear, provided anyone listens.

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Not my music (I'm a crappy bass player at best) but here's my friend's metal band, Hellion Rising's soundcloud channel

I also have an opera singer friend who does musical theatre stuff this is her channel

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I make chipmusic.

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Here's my latest one, then a horror movie theme type song.

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There are a lot of talented musicians here. Well, here's my contribution. I've come a long way since I started, but I've still got a long way to go. This one was inspired by Eminem and Bruno Mars' "Lighters." 

Edit: I decided to add this one as well, since it started autoplaying in SoundCloud and I forgot how much I liked it. 
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Been I while since I did something new. But managed to find some old chiptunes on youtube that I wrote back in the old days of demoscene. From time to time I wish I could get back into it, really miss those days.

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A song of mine, its quiet, and mellow

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I've been producing with Live for about a year and a half. My first song was terrible, just terrible. But I've gotten much better, I can actually show my music around now. 
Anyways, here's a song I produced in Live (I forgot how to embed things... So I'm going to try): 

And here's a song produced in Reason, which I just started using: 
I like Reason a lot because it just sounds better.