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I posted the other 2 songs here before and i thought id link my 3rd one now.

We just finished recording it sunday and my guitarist mixed it. Its a rough demo considering he just uses free programs on his computer to mix and master i think our songs are coming out pretty well.

Its metal so if you already hate metal id pass on listening.

Anyways here is the link:


The new one is 7 whistlers but you can listen to all 3 there if you want.

Let me know what you think!

also heres my bands facebook if anyone likes to like shit on there :D


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Nice playing.

I enjoyed alot of the guitar-riffs and I liked the energy.

With a professional recording this could be really good.

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Well done duder! Nice foreboding tone to it and I was pleasantly surprised by the vocals. I feel one of the tougher things when putting a metal band together is finding a singer that doesn't sound incomprehensible and I was able to make out most of the lyrics so great job. I look forward to hearing more out of you guys. Now I'm gonna go listen to my old bands demos and regret not being in the game anymore.

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haha thank you i appreciate it. ive been working on trying to be more understandable. It isnt easy in this type of music sometimes.

Id like to hear your old band. I have left quite a few bands. Did the MMA fighting thing. Now back to music. This time im taking it seriously.

thank you! were trying to save up for a real recording. holy crap its expensive.

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@tunaburn: oh man my old bands stuff isn't worth listening to, we honestly never got that good. It brings back memories though and I really hoped I would make a living from it someday. Maybe I still will though if i find a good group of guys while I'm still young(ish) haha.

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@seancoughing: its never to late. lots of famous bands didnt make it until they were older.

plus its never to late just to do it because you want to. what instrument do you play?

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Just a few more songs then you can release a cd!

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@tunaburn: yea that is absolutely true man. I play the ol' six string, looking at getting a 7 string soon. How did you learn your vocal technique? I ask because I have been interested ever since I heard about Randy Blyth from lamb of God taking lessons from an opera singer about how to properly use the diaphragm to not damage the vocal chords.

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@seancoughing: i honestly learned my technique from just listening to a ton of music and trying to mimic the style. There is a girl on the internet named melissa cross. she has taught so many of the great metal screamers. look her up on youtube and see some of her videos. shes fucking amazing!

also ive been learning the guitar for about 3 months now. thats a good talent to have. dont let it go to waste if you can play it well!

@tireyo said:

Just a few more songs then you can release a cd!

we have 9 total songs that are done enough for us to record. but it takes a long time to get the recording done, and mixed enough to even put it on the internet. let alone good enough id be willing to put it on a cd!

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@seancoughing: i can give a few tips to you about screaming too actually.

first thing is its not really about being loud. When im screaming its about the same volume as my normal talking. people that dont know how are always surprised by how quiet it actually is.

2nd is you should be using your stomach a lot. when im screaming im pushing from my gut. my muscles tense up in the ab area and im pushing air out. its not about using your throat.

3rd is using your mouth. make different shapes. thats how you make different tones. it might look silly but its how its done.

and last is if your throat hurts or you lose your voice youre doing it wrong. it shouldnt hurt. any pain and stop. if you lose your voice stop. it should be just like if youre making funny voices. no pain just a different sound.

maybe i should make some tutorial videos or something. but i dunno if my voice is good enough and if anyone really cares about that kinda stuff.