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Hey, Giant Bomb. My band recorded a couple of tracks the other day and we're wondering what you guys think (Metal enthusiasts especially). We ain't too big on solos, just pure riffing grit with down-tuned instruments and guttural vocals. Also please keep in mind that we are aware of the abysmal sound quality, hiss, and drum EQ (pedals especially. We use triggers, but "lucky" for us the module died that day). If you like it I only ask of you to do what President Whitmore asked after they found out how to down the giant space ships in Independence Day; "Spread the word".
Thanks again for taking the time. 

Relic of Pestilence by SEVERIS
*EDIT: Now that the thread has gone two pages long (haven't had that in ages) just gonna post up a second song. Band's been happy with the feedback so far and once again we'd like to thank everyone for donating their time.
Malevolent Lineage by SEVERIS
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I don't care for this genre of metal, but it sounded pretty good. Especially for a lo-fi recording. I don't know what a death metal fan would be looking for exactly, but everything seemed good. Though, nothing really stuck out to me to really make me like it (probably because it isn't my type of music).

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@Jams: Thanks for the reply, man.
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I enjoyed it actually, you are clearly competent musicians and I liked a lot of the riffs and time changes. My only worry is that there didn't seem to be too much which could distinguish you from a lot of other bands in the genre. But good stuff though, at least to me ^^
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Sounds pretty much like what some of the local bands around here throw out, so it's alright. For some reason I like the otherwise terrible-to-listen-to lo-fi recording. Keep up the good work!

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I didn't like it, and that is because I absolutely hate Death Metal. Seems like it could be good to someone that does like Death Metal, though.

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@AllIsHeresy: Thanks a lot. =]
@ZeForgotten said:

For some reason I like the otherwise terrible-to-listen-to lo-fi recording. Keep up the good work!

*looks at the terrible pile of defunct hardware we used to record* We'll try, dammit. haha
@Redbullet685: ...well alright! lol
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I really like the guitar, but I reckon the drums could do with being louder, especially the kicks. But then, that's not really traditional for death metal is it? As you're bound to hear from some people, this ain't really my genre of music, but I can certainly appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

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Definitely some good groundwork there, and with some decent production I might pick up a cd. Feedback is the same feedback I give all bands, gig like crazy, and when you've got people coming to your gigs more than once, then you're on to something. Oh, and if there's a college/university near you music production students are usually pretty helpful in getting a decent first recording together, and they have access to a surprising amount of equipment most new bands can't afford. A lot of metal bands seem to take pride in shitty production values on their CD's, but there's a big difference between lo-fi production and shitty production, and I can't count the number of metal cd's I've listened to where they haven't grasped the difference!

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I liked the music, but I really dislike grunting most of the time. 
But aside from music quality, its not at all bad, keep it up.

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@innacces14 said:

@AllIsHeresy: Thanks a lot. =]

@ZeForgotten said:

For some reason I like the otherwise terrible-to-listen-to lo-fi recording. Keep up the good work!

*looks at the terrible pile of defunct hardware we used to record* We'll try, dammit. haha

@Redbullet685: ...well alright! lol

You made it sound good enough to me even if it was lo-fi (that's what I called terrible btw, listening to lo-fi stuff) so just don't break your stuff any further and you'll all be fine, haha

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@Tebbit: Thanks again. That seems to be the consensus with everyone here being that they're not really into the genre, but if it gets your head nodding to the groovier portions of the song then that's awesome by me. haha
@Zatoichi: Oh yeah. haha We're pretty much aware of that ironic vibe of liking a shitty production. It's pretty apparent around here and the underground scene in Los Angeles kind of looks at it as a joke. Don't blame them, but it's kind of hard getting decent help from peeps who are putting their friend's band as priority one. *shrugs* As for the CD I'll swing one your way when we get it out of the way. Hopefully we'll be gigging around Southern California in record demand by then (record for us at least, haha). Thanks again.
@TaliciaDragonsong: Haha. Yeah. I wasn't really into the grunting vocals either when I first heard that side of metal, but it's since grown on me. I totally get where you're coming from though, but I'm glad you took the time to listen. Thanks again. =]
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I really don't like Death Metal (Besides Death and Sarcofago only ones I'll listen to), but I actually really like the guitars!  Yeah, the production could be better but I'm not going to go insane because of that, it can be hard at times to get a good production with no money...

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 I consider myself a fan of metal and hardcore and I think that  it's decent metal, everyone seems to get a little lost at your transitions between different bars but that could be your style.  It reminds me a lot of early Parkway Drive. Like it has been said before, bump up that base drum. I like having the snare a bit louder than normal. The drums feel a bit directionless at points.
Also, you need a awesome metal video like this ;)

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Pretty promising. The track stays interesting throughout and I like the grunting. I'd love to hear some more tracks of this with a little bit higher production values if that is realistic at some point. I dabble in this genre but like a few bands more in depth.

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@IcySandman: We're pretty dry on the cash right now cause we're busy getting our equipment up to snuff for a couple of gigs that are coming up. The song I have up isn't the only one we have, but they got us those gigs so I guess they all count for something. lol Thanks for your time.
@troll93: I was talking to my drummer the other day about the possibilities of having a music video. We've kind of decided to take the Slipknot "Wait and Bleed" route and just have it be a bunch of footage of us live cut together. The last thing we'd want is some super artsy video when all we're advertising is a snow plow service.
  Thanks again for listening. =]
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I liked the music, but I really dislike grunting most of the time. 
But aside from music quality, its not at all bad, keep it up.
This exactly for me.
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sounds like a boss metal zone, don't use that.

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As many others replied here, The only downfall is in the production. As a Death metal-fan I can only wish you good luck in your future recordings :)

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Musically it reminded me of old Sepultura from the Schizophrenia album except the drums sounded like the drums on Metallica's St Anger. Personally I love St Anger for the raw as sh*t sound. Anyway...Vocally it reminds me of "some other death metal band".

Overall I liked the song. My only problem with these style of vocalist is it gets old and tiring quickly. I like variety in the vocals.

Keep it up!

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@Baal_Sagoth: Gonna post a second track up since this thread is heading for a second page. Thanks for listening.
@keyhunter: ...*twiddles thumbs*...okay. Thanks. =]
@Tim_the_Corsair: @innacces14 said:
@TaliciaDragonsong: Haha. Yeah. I wasn't really into the grunting vocals either when I first heard that side of metal, but it's since grown on me. I totally get where you're coming from though, but I'm glad you took the time to listen. Thanks again. =]
Same here. haha
@artgarcrunkle: mmmm'nope. Way off. haha Thanks for listening though. Appreciate it. *thumbs up*
@Noccee: To be honest I'm surprised we even recorded anything. The equipment used to record was the equivalent of making ice cream out of bird seed and bubblegum. haha Anyways thanks for listening.
@James_ex_machina: We've been thinking about having variety in the vocals, but it only goes as far as having different pitches of grunting vocals. It's not that we think clean vocals are for wusses or anything, it's just that it doesn't really mesh quite well with our songs as a whole. Other bands have pulled it off quite nicely, but those bands usually prefer the hardcore, metalcore genre. Thanks again for taking the time. Much appreciated.
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Pretty good for a small time metal band.  The drums sound very very awkward at some points, but the vocals and guitar sell it.  Reminds me of old-school Hypocrisy mixed with Bloodbath.

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@innacces14: A good way to get better is to get mad about criticism, looks like you're on your way.
#25 Posted by innacces14 (739 posts) -
@TearsInRain: My guitar player's gonna love hearing that. haha Thanks again.
@artgarcrunkle: That's how anybody gets anywhere with whatever medium can come to mind. Preaching to the choir, man; You're gonna be doing a lot of that in these forums. Welcome to Giant Bomb. ;]
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nice and chunky. keep up the good work

#27 Posted by marlow83 (253 posts) -

I like it a lot, man. It's nothing especially new, but you guys are good musicians. This is better than plenty of bands that are out on tour now (specifically, better than a lot of popular deathcore bands) Maybe shorten the songs, though, they drag on a bit. Good energy, I would certainly see you live. Let the GB community know if you go on any sort of tour, release an EP, etc. Hell, let me know with a PM

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Vocals remind me of a cross between Suffocation and 'God was Created' era-Vehemence. Promising stuff, man.

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I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would coming into this thread, great job man.  The vocals were pretty fucking good in my opinion.  Like someone above said, if you guys release anything let us know!

#30 Posted by innacces14 (739 posts) -
@ALMIGHTYCHEEKS: It what we aim for. haha Thanks.
@marlow83: Shorten the songs? We thought the songs were too short to be honest. lol We even have a track that's akin to Mortician's Slaughterhouse(minus the intro of course, haha). But yeah. Thanks again for taking the time.
@forestofdeath: What you said kind of heightened my argument to keep the band a 3-piece. Thanks a lot for that comment. lol
@PeasantAbuse: We get that kind of reaction a lot, man. When we played in Los Angeles for a short period we were always slumped in as the intro band cause the promoters were boasting their friend's bands. The nights usually went with us starting, everyone walking in going "what the fuck is that? It actually sounds coherent!", the crowd booing at the promoter when they came tell us we got one more song, and everyone cleaning house by the time the "headliner" takes the stage. And by all means we WILL let the GB community know when we finally have a CD to promote. I guarantee that. Thanks again for taking the time. =]
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I loved the musicianship, the low quality recording, and the absolutely brutal vox. Good luck, man!
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All I can say is : \m/ -_- \m/ 
effin awesome duder ... and malevolent lineage is frekin awesome .... im more of a black metal head here but damn it son this one I wish I could have on my music collection (were death metal is very bare I must say)
#33 Posted by innacces14 (739 posts) -
@habster3: Thanks a lot, man. \m/
@Aetheldod: Would it interest you if we cut a black metal jam track? haha If not than thanks for the response and taking the time to listen. We've been meaning to get comments from peeps outside the local constraints and comments like yours inspire us to keep the brutality strong. Thanks again. =]
#34 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -
 By all means if you want to I would be glad to hear it .... I must say I really enjoyed the songs and Im not shitting you , heck even like the lo fi hissing (I still listen to my cassetes from time to mtime )
#35 Posted by ShaggE (7101 posts) -

I HATE death metal and grunt vox, and I like this. How's that for high praise? :P

#36 Posted by captain_clayman (3347 posts) -

this actually sounds pretty sweet...except for the production.  did they use a webcam?

#37 Posted by innacces14 (739 posts) -
@ShaggE: *squints* Yeeeeah. That looks like high praise. haha Thanks.
@captain_clayman: I'll be blunt; compared to the standard used by many professional touring bands around the world? Yes. Thanks for taking the time though. =]
#38 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -
@innacces14: I'm not a newbie to metal tho, I just don't like grunting, at all, only tolerate it in some extreme cases.
Way more a fan of stuff like Jorn Lande, Avantasia, the power metal/rock and roll kinda thing.
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death metal song with black metal production :)

#40 Posted by innacces14 (739 posts) -
@TaliciaDragonsong: I never accused you of being a newbie though. Just saying that there was a time where I was pretty much against grunting vocals. To be honest I don't know what anybody says with that style of vocals. On the flip-side I can't possibly imagine using, lets say, Josh Groban's vocals on any metal song. After stating what band's you're into though I'll take what you said ("...liked the music...") that much more into account. If it gets anybody at a certain place then good for us. haha
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That is some death metal-ass death metal. And by that, I mean it's definitely death metal. Not much more or less beyond that. You guys are competent. Yeah. 
I kinda want to listen to some Jungle Rot now.

#42 Posted by Xeiphyer (5679 posts) -

Not my style of Metal, but I can imagine some angry kids listening to it loudly on the bus, so that's probably a good sign =P

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@Xeiphyer said:

Not my style of Metal, but I can imagine some angry kids listening to it loudly on the bus, so that's probably a good sign =P

This is the problem with posting any extreme music track on a forum of people who like relatively safe music. You get really awful stereotypical responses like this. You'd get better results at Metal Archives, honestly. 
You may be joking, but it's the same as somebody posting a blues track and then responding with, "wow, that's alright and I can totally see a black guy in a club playing it!"
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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
I liked the music, but I really dislike grunting most of the time.  But aside from music quality, its not at all bad, keep it up.
Without the vocals I could see myself giving this a listen on my own time. No offence.
#45 Posted by innacces14 (739 posts) -
@ghostchant: Hahaha! We weren't trying for that kind of production, but I guess I can't really complain now that there are comments praising the quality. lol
@Napalm: I didn't really find any problem with Xeiphyer's comment. I've taken notice that what usually makes up a crowd for us at a gig are a bunch of angry kids along with the beer bellied metal vets so, yeah, kind of a stereotype, but I doubt I'm gonna see anybody who sings to Eric Whitacre compositions at our shows. haha Thanks for the response and your time, man.
@TheHT: None taken, haha. Thanks for listening.
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Man, Malevolent Lineage is a cool track too. Quite impressed with what you achieve with the equipment you've got at your disposal. Nice variety and good songwriting. Guitars and vocals still stand out the most to me but that's partly my bias, I'm sure. I usually notice the other stuff like drums later 'cause that seems to be how my brain works ;)

Maybe you can get a chance to participate in some sort of contest/ concert where you'll get the chance to record an EP or short album if you win?

I know some of my buddies got to record very decent stuff (at least) via that route, even in absolutely non-mainstream genres and ended up having a very nice demo and the experience you get by performing in general. One of those bands even got a pretty sweet tour out of it, giving them the opportunity to reach a whole lot of new people.

Anyway, hope you get the chance to go somewhere with this, it seems well worth it quality-wise!

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@innacces14: Here's hoping I didn't just create a rift amongst you three. But there's such raw spirit to the music that I can imagine it diluting under the pressure of more members. Can I ask which bands you all are inspired by?
#48 Posted by innacces14 (739 posts) -
@Baal_Sagoth: Thanks for the good wishes, man. Means a lot. =]
@forestofdeath: I really don't know where to begin to answer your question. We all have such different tastes if you get down the nitty gritty of it (Skatallites, Forest Mighty Black, The Eagles, etc.), but we aren't up our asses about it. For example me being a huge Rush fan I'm not gonna say that we should do a 12 minute epic track about pissed off trees. haha I guess the one band we can easily rely on saying we all love to death is Black Sabbath. There's just this power to their songs that is overlooked quite a bit with bands these days because Sabbath never did blast beats at 240 bpms. lol But the most surprising thing about their music is that it sounds better these days running under modern equipment. Their songs are the musical equivalent of wine (to us at least).
But yeah. Sometimes there are bands that one of us find hard to get into. The guitar player and I love (up to Follow the Reaper) Children of Bodom, the drummer and gits love Tool (still trying to find a good day to sit down and listen to Undertow), and the drummer and I love Dream Theater (the length of their songs puts our guitar player off, but we ain't hurrying the guy). All in all we just wanna play brutal ass music. We've played a couple of times already and shows almost always seem to stop during our set because the crowd circle-pitted too hard. Sucks that we never got to play the entire set, but damn us if we didn't leave an impression on those cats. haha
#49 Posted by Master_Funk (747 posts) -

Like most death metal, it scared the shit out of me. I guess that means its good death metal?

#50 Posted by Vinny_Says (5909 posts) -

I'm no enthusiast, but that seemed death-metaly to me. The guitar is pretty good.