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#51 Posted by Baal_Sagoth (1510 posts) -

@innacces14: My pleasure, those are my genuine reactions :)

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I think with a little production you guys could be an incredible death metal act, I know I'd listen to you.  The vocals gave me strong Whitechapel vibes, and that's definitely a good thing.
One thing though, are the vocals inhaled or exhaled? They sounded like they were inhaled to me, personally, in which case your vocalist should probably buckle down and learn to exhale unless you're prepared for a world of hate, but if they are exhaled they're absolutely fantastic screams.

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I listen to a lot of Norwegian-esque black metal, both early and new. Saying that, the production quality didn't turn me off like it may others.

In both songs, there seems to be a bit of rough timing between the guitar and drums whenever they start to switch up what they're playing. It sounds like they're supposed to be hitting that mark at the same time, but it's either a rough transition or a split second in when the new beat actual kicks in for them. This was more apparent earlier in the song rather than later. It's not too bad, though I found it quite jarring when listening to it for the first time.

There is no such things as drums that are too loud. Turn that shit up! As for the vocalist, not bad, but he lacks that punch that I, personally, look for. How about turning up the speed if at all possible? There is a time for those long, drawn out grunts, but how about taking a Maduce and punching me in the fucking ear drum? Also, in the second song, it sounded like he was going for something higher pitched. Might I recommend practicing on that to add variety into the songs?

Other than those complaints: not bad. Not bad at all. Might I say I even like it? It got me listening to them a few times a piece over the course of writing this and reading the thread.

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#54 Posted by innacces14 (749 posts) -
@Slayer22: Haha. That's quite surprising coming from someone who's screen name has "Slayer" in it. Thanks for listening though. haha
@blacklabeldomm: The guitarist is a pretty big fascist for good sounding guitars. Gonna mean a lot to him. haha Thanks again.
@fuddles: Always exhale. We were auditioning vocalists and that was the hugest gripe we had with everybody that turned up. It wasn't until my drummer told the guitarist to show 'em how it's done that we decided to keep the band as a 3-piece. He won't be head banging much, but at least the crowd will. haha Thanks for your time. =]
@Fenrisulfr: Rough timing comes from us recording one instrument at a time with no metronome. It was extremely aggravating to record on another's track when we're kind of big on pauses and rhythm changes, but we got pretty close. haha
As for the drums we know. haha If anything we feel bad for making the drums sound like shit because he doesn't get technical, but he is very precise and we'd love to make that shine. Unfortunately the triggers broke and we were short one mic cable and what you're hearing is three mics; snare, toms/cymbals, and acoustic pedal. We're gonna fix that up as soon as possible though so don't go anywhere. haha The vocals are still a work in progress, mind you, it's the guitarist giving it a shot after saying "fuck all" to auditions. It's the "do it yourself" kind of mentality that we're striding with here and it's something, but I assure you he's taking your word for it. Thanks again for giving us a shot, man. Means a lot.
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#55 Posted by Master_Funk (761 posts) -

@innacces14: Yeah for some reason, I just include slayer in usernames out of habit just cus i really liked Buffy the vampire slayer back when I made my first internet accounts.

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@Noccee said:

As many others replied here, The only downfall is in the production. As a Death metal-fan I can only wish you good luck in your future recordings :)

Mhm. You guys should invest in better recording equipment. Or maybe see if there is a place locally or at least close enough to access that has better facilities. Having a few MP3s on the interwebs can do wonders for even a competent band.

And maybe have actual vocals rather than just having a dude growling. It's the one thing I can't stand about metal, when they just don't have any discernible vocals. I don't mind gruntin, squeelin, and whatever else, but it should be to add to vocals. It shouldn't be a guy trying to imitate some doom demon the ENTIRE song. But it may sound better with a higher quality recording, so I'll reserve judgement on that bit.

Is it weird that I found the first piece pretty "chill"? It might just be the recording making it sound kinda flat, but I felt like I could fall asleep to it. Not that it wasn't "metal" enough, I generally fall asleep to some form of metal.

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#57 Posted by innacces14 (749 posts) -
@MordeaniisChaos: Oh yeah. haha We're pretty short on good recording equipment. We're kind of busy buying stuff for live purposes (speaker change, tubes for amps, new cymbals). It does kind of bite us on the ass here though so saving up for a good recording is second on the to-do list. haha
As for the vocals I can't say much that'll change your mind about it. That's the style of vocals we do and that's about it. We're not The Facelesswho take the time to show a softer side in there songs. There's a crowd for that and I'm part of it, but what I, along with my bandmates, are doing with this band is straight-up, sledgehammer to the ear, teeth chipping beat down, brutal ass death metal.
Chill? Haha Well that's the first time I ever heard of someone passing out to a track because it was "comforting" metal, but I guess it got you somewhere, haha. Other than that I can only say thanks for taking the time and listening to the tracks. =]
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#58 Posted by fuddles (88 posts) -
@innacces14: Color me extremely impressed then, those are some seriously stellar exhales for a band who's just releasing their first two songs. I'll definitely be keeping track of you guys, this is good stuff.
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#59 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5904 posts) -

@innacces14: I never meant you needed softer vocals, just vocals that were more than just grunts. What I mean to say is that I still can't figure out if there were words coming out of your vocalists mouth, or if he was just literally making sounds. Between that and the vocals feeling a little slow and choppy, it was weird. I don't mind not understanding what the son of a bitch is saying/screaming/grunting, but I feel like it needs to be apparent that it is in fact, more than just noise. I don't mind some dude screaming till my ears bleed, etc, but it was like the grunty equivilant of muttering. Again, it may be the recording, which had most everything sounding pretty flat and the levels were a bit off (nothing really popped out), but even if you want to scream and grunt a bunch, it should feel like it is part of the music. Which this didn't. It sounded like a guy muttering without any real rhythm. And on top of that, it was a lot of really short, terse bits with a lot of empty space. Which was fine because the instrumental stuff was awesome, but it just made the vocal parts sound No offense, but even if it is part of your style, it doesn't exempt it from criticism, something you'll have to overcome if you ever want to, say, make some money to get better equipment, etc.. I guess if your audience digs it that's fine, it just felt out of place with the instruments, which clearly took the spotlight. The vocals felt lathargic, out of place, and had no oomph, no passion, and certainly no sledgehammer to the ear. But again, I am not sure if it was just the recording, or what, it may be just that they didn't pop out enough for me to get what they were giving.

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#60 Posted by Skogen (430 posts) -

The recording quality definitely leaves something to be desired, but that's understandable.

My concern are the vocals. My problem doesn't lie in the concept of growls, but in the delivery. They are totally inarticulate and akin to the style often used in Deathcore. Maybe its the recording, but it sounds like technique.

When it comes to death metal chops you have to have defined growls. Trying to easy mode it by doing things like inhalation growls are going to make you sound fucking weak. Once your singer sounds weak, no one is going to want to listen. But again, this could all be in the recording. The magic of editing can make lackluster growls sound good, but you wont have that luxury live. Just a thought.

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#61 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5436 posts) -

Made me want to kick a puppy and punch my grandma in the stomach.

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#62 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

I'm sure some people would really like it, but I despise this type of music. No offense.

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#63 Posted by CaptainCody (1551 posts) -

As a metal drummer myself, this is pretty shitty. At this point their needs to be more to cliche screamo than one riff repeated throughout a song. Vocals are lazy and have no range, guitar is too basic and boring, too much ride with the drums along with not much variety, I would've also figured you would have a backup if your module shits the bed. Double bass makes death metal half the time.
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#64 Posted by innacces14 (749 posts) -
@MordeaniisChaos: Well beggars can't be choosers. haha Thanks for the response.
@Skogen: All exhales, man. We got this covered so I guess it's the equipment used to record. Thanks for listening. =]
@wolf_blitzer85: That's great! haha Thanks for taking the time. lol
@Turtlebird95: None taken. lol Thanks for your time.
@CaptainCody said:
As a metal drummer myself...
We know, we know. Fucking triggers. We got you. And no, we ain't got no back-up module so that's that. 3 mics? Shit, okay. Snare, toms/cymbals, kicks. And yeah, it's basic. I mean we're not aiming for tongue twister guitar technicality cause the last thing we'd want is have Necrophagist-like crowds where everyone says "wait, wuh? What the hell is a 7/8 time signature?". Mantra of the band; "Keep it simple, stupid."
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#65 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3648 posts) -

Nice riffs! The sound isn't as bad as you made it sound.

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#66 Posted by Undeadgeek (15 posts) -

I'm actually pretty damned fond of how raw these tracks are.  That's not to say they wouldn't benefit from being cleaned up a little (in particular the sound quality of the vocals), but personally, I wouldn't want you to go too far with it because I'm genuinely liking how brutal the rawness makes it sound. 
At any rate, I like what you've got going on in these tracks, they are not too shabby.

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#67 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

Death Metal gives me a headache. Can't really help you.

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#68 Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 (578 posts) -

Really dug the vocals and guitar. Shitty production aside, it's damn solid death metal. I approve!

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#69 Posted by innacces14 (749 posts) -
@birdflu777: Haha Well you know how it is. You make something and modesty takes over. Glad to hear you liked the riffs. Thanks for listening!
@Undeadgeek: Thanks a lot, man! I'm actually quite surprised at how the some of the users here appreciate the raw grit of the tunes. Personally I would have loved something cleaner, but yeah. I can see why "too clean" can take some of the authenticity away. In any case thanks again for donating your time. Means a lot.
@ImmortalSaiyan: It's cool. haha
@Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497: Thanks for giving them a go, man. Yeah, haha. That production is pretty damn weak, but luckily we got three tracks going considering the laptop kept shutting down to prevent any hardware malfunctions due to overheating. Anyways thanks again. =]
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#70 Posted by Example1013 (4854 posts) -

@innacces14: I like the second one a lot more than the first. The first just wasn't all that interesting to listen to, especially because of how muddied in the bass part was with the guitar part. The second was definitely a lot more sonically pleasing. I don't generally listen to death metal, but the first one just sounded like what I'd think some generic death metal song sounds like. And while the second one was still death metal, it was a lot better to listen to.

That's not to say that the speed or whatever is the problem, but with the largely slower pace in the first song, you need to do some more interesting things with chord changes and the like, so it doesn't sound plodding and generic or whatever. As I said, though, second was good. I'm glad you posted it.

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#71 Posted by EvilDingo (651 posts) -
@TaliciaDragonsong said:
I liked the music, but I really dislike grunting most of the time.  But aside from music quality, its not at all bad, keep it up.
This is also generally how I see it 
I'll probably never really understand the vocal part of death metal. The most growly-ish vocals I actually genuinely like is something like Lamb of  God. 
Considering every upcoming Metal band I hear in concert learn towards this way of singing, I've come to consider a necessary evil if I want to support metal-concerts in my city. 
... I'm probably just getting old.
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#72 Edited by Deusx (1942 posts) -

I liked it. You guys sound like some good old-school death metal. The guturals are great. What I recommend to you and your band is to mix your style with a little extra. I mean, death metal is a genre that has so many bands that do the same thing over and over again. Don't fall into that trend. It's ok to like extreme music. I love it, but don't stick to the same thing everyone else does. Listen to some Anaal Nathrahk, Novembers Doom, The Vision Bleak, Vintersorg, Cynic You get the idea. Hell, even some new Deftones is great inspiration. If you're gonna stick with the same thing just make sure you play like a boss. Bloodbath, Dying Fetus, Vader, and Nile are bands that stick to the same thing but they do it in such a way that no one can deny that they are masters at their craft.

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#73 Posted by innacces14 (749 posts) -
@Example1013: Hey, I'm just glad people are hearing us outside the local. Thanks for listening, man.
@EvilDingo: Thanks for listening. =]
@Deusx: Yeah, I get ya, man. It's a little too basic, but I guess that's coming from us playing a lot more demanding stuff prior to getting together. I was in a prog band in high school, guitar played a shit ton of Tool in his earlier days, and the drummer did a lot of ska, punk, reggae, and thrash. We're playing with a comfortable middle ground where we say "Damn. Lets just play. haha". But I get the need to throw in some variety. The most variety we through into them was the off-beat/on-beat switch up before the blast-beat towards the end of Malevolent. It's a hair of what we can actually do, but we'll grow to add them more frequently in our tunes like you said. Thanks for taking the time, man.
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#74 Edited by agentboolen (1985 posts) -
@innacces14: I like Heavy Metal and think the music sounds real good, but the lyrics are the same for both tracks!!!  O.k. to be fair thats just me saying I hate HATE cookie monster growls.  
80's Metal none of the bands did this shit...  Maybe Slayer brought the growl to Metal but somewhere newer bands just decided to use all growl.  IMO it just feels like the singer can't sing, doesn't have the confidence to sing and just relies on growls in these cases.  Sure I know there is a group of deaf head banging monkeys that like this form of....  Vocal cord grinding shit, but I sure don't.
At this point I would rather these be made into instrumentals, sorry to be harse (Im clearly not your key audience, do what you want in the end, I just couldn't resist to shit all over cookie monster singers).
On a positive note if you ever need a website PM me and we'll make a deal...  To make a website I don't need to be in love with what my clients do, I just need to understand it, which of course I do.
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#75 Posted by innacces14 (749 posts) -
@agentboolen: Haha! It's cool, man. Well to be honest there were a handful of bands that did the cookie monster growls in the 80's. It was pretty niche, but then took quite a rise during the 90's. Even so Death Metal was always underground and will probably always be. Some might say that's not the case with the Deathcore bands coming to fruition, but that's Deathcore. We're making cake and they're arguing that pie is up and coming when in the end we all just want desserts. Be as it may I'm glad you took a bit of your time to listen to the tracks cookie monster growls and all. We'll be sure to swing a PM when the time comes, man. Thanks again. =]
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#76 Posted by agentboolen (1985 posts) -
@innacces14: Thanks for clearing up when cookie monster growls came to exist, also huge Black Sabbath fan!  I too don't mind there slower playing    =)
Yea PM when the time comes I'll hook you up with a good deal.
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#77 Posted by JTHomeslice (262 posts) -

Both songs are pretty damn good starts. I would say to bring the drums up in the mix especially the kick. But don't trigger them. I'm so fucking tired of triggers. I want to hear real drums damn it. Other than just general production quality stuff. they're pretty solid.

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#78 Posted by innacces14 (749 posts) -
@JTHomeslice: We'll mess around with the EQ to try and throw the triggers in pile with the unused guitar pedals. haha Thanks for lending an ear, man.
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#79 Edited by ecliastee (2 posts) -

that shit is fucking brutal bro

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#80 Posted by innacces14 (749 posts) -

@ecliastee: Thanks, man. This forum is pretty damn ancient though so my head is in kind of spin right now. haha Thanks again, man.

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#81 Posted by RedRavN (418 posts) -

I think its cool. You guys sound like early obituary. Some of the doomier parts reminds me a bit of the band portal. I listen to metal all the time and have been playing guitar for 8 years. I think that work needs to be done in the riff writing department. The guitar chord progressions make no sense and have no interesting melody. In fact, I cant even recall them beyond the doomy asthetic. The thrashier parts are fine but pretty basic. Im pretty sure I've heard this all a million times from local bands. Also, the vocals are pretty shit and the drums are ok but occasionally off time. Drummer needs to practice with a click track. I've only listened to the first song. Honestly, not bad for a first attempt and better than a lot of unknown "death metal projects" I have heard. At least I can tell you guys have listened to death metal at some point and you have the asthetic down.

One tip I can give you is that you need to turn down the bass on the guitar and pump up the treble and slightly raise the mids and use more noise gate. This is key for recording. The bass should have the bass up and roll on a bit more prescence. Your gain volume is perfect. Mixing this way gives you more sound seperation so that you can hear the guitar and bass as more distinct. Also, use more compression on the bass drum.

Lol at the guy who recommended parkway drive as a metal band. You cant be serious. All the people complaining about dirty vocals dont know shit about metal obviously and their opinion is voided by default. Also, if you heard this and didn't immediately think obituary, entombed, sepultura, or testement than your opinion also means nothing. Harsh but true, dont hate me for it.

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#82 Edited by jakob187 (22838 posts) -

@innacces14: As a metalhead:

  • The big blasts near the beginning were weak and off-rhythm. It sounded like failed gravity blasts.
  • The bassist wrecked it on there all the way through. Great tone and riffs to support everything. Really felt like the glue the song needed to hold it all together.
  • The riffs are grindy as hell, love it. However, work a little less on running the same note forever in triplet fashion, as it starts doing at one point near the end.
  • The thing about a lot of death metal is that you don't sit around in one spot to get comfortable for very long. It's about the complexity of the music melding with the aggression. This all felt a little too structured. It needs to be dirtier, more raw.
  • The death growls are good, but they can use a little more work. Get real fucking guttoral on that stuff, man. Pro tip: tablespoon of Karo syrup then some water. It'll thicken shit up, and you can get a REAL deep nasty growl. Also, is there only one person handling growls/grunts/screams? Try seeing if you can double up on some of that stuff. To give you an idea, the beginning of this track is myself and my brother. I'm the voice throughout the song, and at the beginning, I did a higher pitched growl. Meanwhile, my brother was doing death grunts in the background. The overlap created this really beefy and scary tone between the two of us. None of it is processed until the very very end.

Overall, I liked the track. The lo-fi recording quality is fine, as it adds to the rawness. Tighten the song up, bring the run time down a little to keep the song moving and interesting, and get those growls down a little lower.

That's my review of the first track. I'll check out the second song.


After checking out the second song, I wouldn't call that death metal. It's far more akin to something that Goatwhore would do: fast steady tempo without a lot of change-ups and death growls over it. It's got a good headbanging sweep to the riffs, which is nice. However, it never gets...just...insane. I don't feel any grind in it. If anything...it's just a little boring. Technically and musically, it's good, but there's nothing that makes me go "shit yes" until the end of the song when the change-up finally hits. Put some more work into that track, get that sweeping part to be a bit more exciting. Typically, in death metal, you want to accentuate that sweeping headbang with some blast beats and 16th-double kick to keep interest while offering more complexity to it. Overall, it's good...but not as good as the first track.

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#83 Posted by innacces14 (749 posts) -

@RedRavN: @jakob187: Thanks for listening to the tracks to begin with considering that this is a dinosaur of a thread. haha We've been touching up considerably since these songs hit the site and are happy to say that we'll get something with higher production in by the time Fall rolls by. These two post are pretty much gonna be a huge subject of discussion for the next two months considering we all have opinions that you guys pretty much summed up.

Thanks again for lending an ear, Duders. =]