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So, I have the consoles hooked up to my computer monitors. TV's aren't good/cheap enough for me to plunge. Plus, I'm waiting till I get my own place by myself. Don't want a roommate to break it in the living room or a beer stained remote. As well as I'm practicing cutting the cable. Only watch the daily show once a week or so.

It's absurd having all these hooked up and plugged in... They all have power and Cat6 network cables. My monitor only has 1 HDMI though so when I want to play a system I have to swap cables. Computer is hooked up via DP and the 360 is hooked up via VGA to my old Sun Microsystems monitor.

I'm looking for a really good quality 3-4 port HDMI switch, I guess, suggestions?

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I dunno about any good HDMI switchers, although I'm sure a quick search on Amazon would help you out. The thing that I noticed from that picture is however, that you're probably gonna melt your consoles, especially your Xbox One. The PS3 is sitting right on the ventilation shafts. The heat will also probably cook things around it.

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Jeez dude, get a switcher so that you can get the 360 monitor out of there and clear up some desk space before you cook all your consoles D:

I got one of these off ebay from Hong Kong for about $5 and it's been perfectly fine for me. It does have the selector switch on there to cycle through inputs, but it also automatically switches when it gets a new signal, so if it's on the PC, switching on a console will make it switch to that and then switch back to PC when the console is turned off and it loses the signal. If you just search ebay for hdmi switcher or something and sort by cheapest, you should find a million different stores selling them.

Awesome, I just noticed how you have the external power supplies sitting on top of the PS4 and and 360.

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Ive been using this one for more than a year and I am happy with it, I have a PC, laptop, 360 and PS3 hooked up to it. The only problem that I say it has is that it auto switches once you fire up a device, but other than that it has served me well. Comes with a remote too.


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@liquidprince: Nah, my room is usually at 59ºF by the time I get home from work in the winter so it's nice and cool for now. By summer the 360 will probably go unless no xfinity app comes out for the one. I only run one system at a time and nothing gets too hot. The ps3 is small enough that the xbox vents properly. Even after 3 hours on GB Forza race night It only kinda warm to the touch. I have rubber pads on order to lift the ps3 up an inch or so.

@damodar: Cool, I guess HDMI switches are different than splitters. I got a couple splitters and all of them were junk and ruined image quality. That monitor is my 2nd screen so I can surf the net and while playing a game. especially chats or gamefaqs lol. That power supply is just on the 360. I figure it's better on top then being cooked by the exhaust of the 360. Which is stupid hot and loud at this point. I've replaced the thermal compound and dusted it out like a month ago too

@stete: I'll take a look at the reviews, thanks for the suggestion and warning about auto switch, shouldn't be an issue for me. If I turn something on it's likely to play it.