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@theht: I am! It's a lot of work but it's quite fun! I'm excited to share stuff about it on here when we get closer to release.

And it certainly takes a conscious effort to find music that's pretty out of reach but it gets easier if you follow some music blogs or explore around some sites. I wrote about it how I discovered most of the stuff I listened to a few posts back so maybe start there if you'd like to do so yourself!

@razielcuts: Small world and all that. :o I wish I could say the same, but my hometown is pretty devoid of international talent, save for an Olympic high diver.

@oni: Thank you!

@hampe: My RYM list is actually full of the other K-Pop releases I listened to, but it's mostly because the reasons why I enjoy K-Pop make it so that there's albums I know are more deserving of a spot at the top. If I was to organise the list based on what I listened to the most this year, T-ARA's Again 1977 Repackage album would probably be somewhere near the top alongside Brown Eyed Girls' Black Box. Unless there's something particularly striking about it (like f(x)'s Pink Tape) I know there are releases more deserving of my critical attention for doing something unique or interesting over being a fun distraction, which is generally what K-Pop is to me. I love it to bits but I'm pretty aware of the fact that it's not always the most complex, interesting, or well composed music, haha. Works out, though. I think my top 10 this year is pretty god-damn solid.

And it's funny, I actually have the completely opposite reaction to both CAPS LOCK and Level 3. I suppose you fall into the opposite branch of the "CAPS LOCK might actually be a pretty divisive album for Capsule fans [...]" I talked about. I'll certainly agree with you that Perfume's new release is definitely as Yasutaka Nakata as his releases can get, but that's kind of why I lost interest with it very quickly. It's a good album but I had no motivation to go back to it. His sound is so saturated that by now, if I wanted to hear that, I'd just go to listen to "EDIT" on repeat for a couple hours. (Which still occasionally happens.)


: That's why I listed it as my "2013's 2012 album of the year". I ended up missing it last year and had to find a way to include it, haha.

@everyones_a_critic: You should! His music is great. :D

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@aurahack: Ha, yeah, one of those moments where you're like 'Oh yeah, the internet has real people behind it and has made the world smaller.'

He also played guitar in a math-pop'ish band (that's mainly when I knew him). One of my favs, totally different to AlunaGeorge -

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@aurahack I'm with you with what you're saying. Most of the kpop I listen to as well is something that probably would be called somewhat mass-produced by people. I know a lot of Swedish people produce big kpop-hits nowadays, when they earlier worked with Britney Spears and such artists. So it's understandable that you want to give some other albums a bit more appreciation. Thanks for the explanation though, I got extremely curious when you put that comment in there!

And now you're making me want to make my own list of albums...

Also man, thanks for introducing me to Charisma.com! I ordered their album of amazon.jp now, looking forward to seeing it arrive here in Sweden :)

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Goddamnit. I literally just finished a stint of obession over a Japanese girlband and now I have to start this shit over again? Goddamn you @aurahack and @jeff. Goddamn you Charisma.com

anyway, best album of 2013. Gacharic Spin - Delicious

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Discovering Charisma.com is like the best thing ever. Thank you.

Also, glad to see some Younha love. She's pretty great

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Fuck like Jeff, now I'm fan of Charisma.com

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Damnit Jeff, Charisma.com is fantastic.

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Add me to the list of people hopelessly hooked on Charisma.com. They're incredible.

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@dallas_raines: They're legit beyond measurement. So good.

@cutyoface: Gosh, I wish I was Jeff, but you're welcome!

@sub_o: The whole site seems to be, now! I'M SO THRILLED


She's amazinggggg. I've started going through her back catalogue and all of it is so top-tier.

Just Listen

is such a good album. ;-;

@fistfulofmetal: Damn, that's rockin'! Might have to give that album a listen later! Thanks!

@hampe:I encourage it making a list! Forming a list throughout the year got me to discover some super cool stuff, as did organise it to form this end-of-year bit.

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I always find out about everything they do too late. They performed here in Tallinn back in November and I found out the day after it had happened.

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@evilkatarn said:


I always find out about everything they do too late. They performed here in Tallinn back in November and I found out the day after it had happened.

It's last year's album, so unless you haven't heard that yet no, there isn't a new album. D:

But I feel you on that. :< I discovered The M Machine and Porter Robinson a few days from each other and maybe a day later I found out Porter Robinson played in my town... with The M Machine opening for him. :(

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Least I could do, recommendations warrant recommendations. I would also recommend getting Gacharic Spin's single Nudirhythm which has three fantastic songs on it.

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hot damn son, thanks for dropping some knowledge, i will defniitely be grabbing some of these

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@mattoncybertron: Thank you!

Also worth mentioning to both you and anyone else interested: I've started a music blog where every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'll post about an album I've recently listened to that I like. I want to practise my writing skills and I though this'd be the best way to do it. Go check it out if you're itching for new tunes!

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@aurahack: Great list! I found five new groups to listen to (which is even more impressive considering I knew of/liked two of the remaining five already--Younha and f(x))! I suck at finding new music for myself, so it's great to have people constantly showing me things I've missed and telling me what I should be listening to. Count me in as one of your now-devout followers on that new music blog of yours!

Also, I just want to compliment you on your ability to describe music. As someone who recently posted two terribly-written lists of music here on GB (KPOP and JPOP Top 10s), I am blown away by how vividly you can describe tracks. Very impressive.

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@wemibelec90: Thank you, that means so much to hear (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I'm still not very confident in my ability to write but this at least lets me know it's improving!