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I know ill probably get shit for getting a tattoo of a game that is only a few months old but I thought the character design of Elizabeth was very fascinating. The tattoo was based on unused early designs of Elizabeth seen in "The Art Of Bioshock Infinite" art book. The main focus of this tattoo was to bring out what makes a good tattoo and less of just copy and pasting some final art onto your body.

Just wanted to share it with y'all.


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Looks good!

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I guess some people could give you shit, but I think it looks fantastic. Much more important than the overall idea is the quality, and you got a solid one. Plus I like that concept for Elizabeth, and I bet you most people won't immediately associated it with the game. It's just a good looking tat.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys. That is exactly what I thought of as well, @synaptic. I wanted it to be recognized more for being a piece of art that looks great more than being identified with a piece of pop culture.

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In another dimension there's a duder with a forearm Elizabeth wearing a cage choker.

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That's a really good artist, and I don't want to sound like a dick - but the eyebrows could use another pass imo.

Either way cool tat man

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That hand looks alien, but the rest is good. Thanks for sharing.

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Very cool interpretation! Can we give you shit about your username instead? ;)

Welcome to Giant Bomb.

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I dig it

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It came out really well, looks cool. Also I want that art book so bad.

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Lovely piece of work, even taken on its own merits and not as a piece of pop culture. Excellent placement, too.

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you are stupid really stupid you should of picked the bird cage now you are fucked and stuck in another dimension,good luck with that.

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I like it. the only problem I have with game related tattoo's are when people get the logo of a damn game tattooed on them. it's a fine like and this works.

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@morien said:

That hand looks alien, but the rest is good. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for pointing that out, M8. Good eye. Ill have the artist do a touch up on the fingers.

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Should have gotten a Miss Elizabeth tattoo instead.

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You're free to do with your body what you please as long as it's not smelly or offensive for people around you, really.

It looks cool congratz. (Not necessarily my actual opinion but the ink is on the skin so let's give some compliments and not be scrutinizing for no reason).

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I was getting ready to shit all over this but it looks good. I see you went with the bird eh.

@agnosticjesus When I first read the first three words that was what I thought it was gonna be. Oooooh yeeeeaaaahhh!

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There's always a Man, an Arm and a Tattoo.

Looks good.

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Not bad at all. Looks similar to the artwork you based the design on. I wonder why you went with that, rather than how the character looks in game - but hey, if that's the design that you like, then it's cool.

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Very cool interpretation! Can we give you shit about your username instead? ;)

Welcome to Giant Bomb.

Come at me. Duder! It seriously is a dumb username. It was a nickname given to me in high school 6 years ago and I have always used it since then. also, thanks for the welcoming.

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That's fantastic. Maybe even better than the actual drawing.

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nice shading, fantastic use of blue

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A few years from now no one will give a flying fuck about Bioshock, but you will always have that.

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Oh dear

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Usually don't care for tattoos but I do love the design of Elizabeth. Nice one.

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No cleavage? That's not Elizabeth.

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strange question - is your girlfriend/wife cool with you having another girl on your body?

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@serjizzalot: In that case you have my sympathies and have suffered enough. :) My only highschool nickname was Sonic.

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@samfo: it would be a lot stranger if she did have a problem with me having fictional women tattooed on my arms. Valid question though.

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@alekss said:

A few years from now no one will give a flying fuck about Bioshock, but you will always have that.

I did not get this tattoo because others cared for the game. I am aware that things come and go and that this tattoo is forever. who knows, Bioshock may no longer be relevant in a couple of months but at least I still have a good looking piece of art that I enjoy looking at everyday.

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If it were master chief, or your gamer tag or something I'd think you were a nob...but right now you have an awesome tattoo from an awesome game...in a couple years time when everybody forgets, you'll have an awesome tattoo which could easily be based on an early 20th century portrait.

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Wait, that's not Elizabeth.

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I think video game tattoos are cheesy as hell, that being said I would say it looks great FOR a video game tattoo but I think you lucked out with this one, it's just a solid piece all around, video game or not.

Tell your boy(girl?) he does good fuckin' work. Nice one.

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Looks great!

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It's gorgeous!! Can you tell me the name of the artist/shop where you got it, and your name as well? I moderate a Facebook page called Video Game Tattoos and I would love to feature this great piece of art!

Thanks for your time,

Jesse Thompson, VGT

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Wow, that is not what I was expecting. Looks pretty cool!

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Looks cool whether you knew what it was from or not. Her fingers bother me a little... the way they overlap... but that's about it. I like when they do the white highlights.