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No, I didn’t get a PS4 so I didn’t play any of those games. Actually, I’ve been pretty lost this past week. I’ve been mostly passing by games, playing them for a few minutes then moving on because I didn’t know what I wanted to play. I did get into a N64 kick though this weekend so I passingly played Cruis’n USA, WWF Warzone, Killer Instinct Gold and WWF Wrestlemania 2000. Wrestlemania 2000 pissed me off actually because in the career mode, there’s a big spike in difficulty when you get to the first PPV event. I lost like nothing because my opponent kept blocking and countering everything. What made it worst is it was a character I had beaten like four times already!

I bought some N64 games after I realized I had beaten all my games for the system (except for WWF Wrestlemania 2000) so I bought and played a little of WCW/nWo Revenge, South Park, Turok 2, Pokemon Snap, Waverace 64, WWF Attitude, 1080 Snowboarding and Rayman 2. I focused a bit on Rayman 2, as I’ve never played it for very long. It’s fun but I don’t see what the big deal is in terms of level design. It’s basically like Crash Bandicoot but not as inventive. I also tried Beetle Adventure Racing via an emulator but that sucked.

I bought a 1 TB hard drive for my PS3 and for the weekend I was redownloading all my digital games. It took a little over three days. In that time, I tried out some old demos I had downloaded first way back when the PS3 was first launched. Specifically, Lemmings, Grip Shift, NBA 07, and Genji Days of the Blade. They were all terrible. I also played a little Gran Turismo 5 because the installation for that game is so size and time consuming (almost 10 GB in a hour and a half), I had to play a little of it. I’m not good at it. I played a little bit of Yoshi’s Island for my YouTube series as well. Finally, I got two games sent to me from Gamefly, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix and Sonic Lost World on the 3DS. I got tired of Kingdom Hearts really quick. I remember really liking that game back in the day but it has not aged well. Sonic Lost World is not a great game either but I’m enjoying it. I’ll probably beat it and write a review for it.

That’s it for me. What have you been playing?

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XCOM: Enemy Within has consumed 100% of my gaming time since release. Deadly Premonition PC is on the backburner, and Project Zomboid fills up whatever is left afterward. My gaming landscape could be summed up by shouting, "zombies, zombies, zombies!" I'll probably dabble with Star Wars: The Old Republic a bit once the starfighter patch is released in december. (Rakghouls!) At some point I'll probably buy Crusader Kings II's latest expansion - Sons of Abraham - and dive into that game once again. (...Aztecs?)

The crushing and relentless challenge of XCOM's classic difficulty is such a refreshing change from most games. I really appreciate the design of XCOM and Enemy Within has added several new and interesting elements to the game. Every choice matters - there is a consequence for everything. The player will not win, instead they will merely survive. I suspect I'll be exhausted from the intense challenge of XCOM later, and that's when I'll shift over to SWTOR. Since I enjoy the stories and levelling, I'll have a good respite from any sort of challenge.

As abhorrent as Deadly Premonition's PC port is, I feel compelled to complete the story because of how much I enjoyed Giant Bomb's endurance runs of the game. Deadly Premonition's charm and character are the exact opposite of everything else about the game: peerless. I'll chip away at the game whenever I feel up to it.

Project Zomboid is a cool concept, and it's easy to become invested in your little survivor. I'm very interested to see how the development progresses, and one day I'll survive more than a week in the zombie-infested lands.

Essentially, I enjoy splitting my time between intense games like XCOM and more relaxed games like The Old Republic with less time-intensive games scattered inbetween.