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Hi all,

I've been a member for a while (premium, might I add! *ahem*) and I have just released my first iOS game this month. It's called Roll Dem Bones and you play as a skull named Demmy, who is collecting back the bones that were stolen from his Graveyard. It's free for Halloween today, so please take a look, download and enjoy! Happy Halloween bombers! (Note, this is my first game and always looking for feedback as this is mostly a learning experience. I have a bunch of stuff I'm already fixing for the next update, but I'm always happy to add to the list if it makes the game better =)

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iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/roll-dem-bones-xl/id568422016?ls=1mt=8

iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/roll-dem-bones/id497623692?ls=1mt=8

Just in time for Halloween! You play as Demmy, a skull who is trying to collect all of the Bones that have been stolen from his Graveyard. You'll be able to play levels that require you to hit switches, go through pipes, ride curves and roll to try and collect them all! The game features 40 level at the moment but I am currently working on the next set.

At the start of every level, scroll around to see where the bones are that Demmy needs to collect. Then tap Demmy and he is ready to roll! Press and hold your finger on the screen to aim Demmy where you'd like him to launch to. Each time you press your finger on the screen, it will stop Demmy where he is (on the ground, mid-air...it doesn't matter he will stop!) and where you let go is where he will reroute to. This can be done three times. After three launches, he'll be dizzy but hopefully he'll roll to the coffin and complete the level!

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Damn right that's free, fucking piece of garbage!

No, but seriously, looks interesting, I'll prolly pick it up :)

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It is a little garbage-y...I'll give you that. =P

Thanks for checking it out!