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Okay I just helped someone with one of these so I was hoping someone could return the favor. I saw a movie as a kid and I only remember a single scene from it but it has stuck with me for years. In it there is a husband and wife in a futuristic setting. They are some sort of wealthy or elite couple and their house is all fancy and white. The thing I remember is that the wife is playing an Atari era game, maybe Space Invaders on a big all white arcade cabinet. It was noticeable at the time because this was supposed to be the future but the movie, which was probably made in the mid-70's or early 80's, was showing what at the time was a game at least a decade old and games looked much better when I watched the movie. I believe the husband chastised the wife for playing the game and I also think these were possibly villains. They were definitely not the stars of the movie.

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I answered my own question. The movie is Soylent Green. Guess this can be locked.