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@HerbieBug said:

Platypus t-shirt!

I think clem would be down for a platypus t-shirt

(she seems like she'd actually wear it, unlike nanako)

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Nanako is like a loyal dog. No matter how terrible your day was she will be PUMPED when you get home.

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Why isn't this a poll, Nanako.

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@msavo said:

Nanako is a well thought out character. Clementine is nothing more than a plot device.

Yuuuuuuuuuuupp. Nanako all the way.

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Nanako. So... why is this not a poll?

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If you're having a hard time, think of it this way: which kid would you RATHER be in charge of/have to take care of? For an indeterminate amount of time...

Still a close tie for me... but I think I'd be less worried about leaving Nanako home alone while I go to work. So probably Nanako.

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Nanako. I think it's cause I grew into the role of wanting to both improve her home life, and later in the game, to protect her. In TWD, though Clem is awesome I felt like my initial choice to watch out for her was due to necessity and not because I really wanted to. Granted that changed, and it may have been the point all along, but I just think Charlie's game interaction/social link with Nanako came across as a lot more natural.

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Clementine, without a doubt. She's a way more believable character.

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I don't care for JRPG's and haven't watched more than a few hours of the GB Endurance Run of P4, so I have little experience with Nanako. Therefore, I will go with Clementine, who I actually loved a lot as a character.

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Clementine, because Nanako wouldn't stand a chance in Clementine's shoes.

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Clementine, because Nanako wouldn't stand a chance in Clementine's shoes.

Nanako has Big Bro to protect her and Big Bro can summon Personas.

Lee can't summon shit.

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Why can't they be friends?

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Did Clementine get a lamp from Lee? NOPE! The answer is Nanako, every single time.

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Let me put it this way.

When Clementine ended up in mortal danger, I knew the dark task ahead of me was going to end in tears. I felt no real rush, perhaps because of the medium. I knew I'd save Clem. And I did. TWD has a happy ending to me. I accomplished my goal and went out as well as anybody could hope.

When Nanako ended up in mortal danger, I cleared that entire dungeon in one fucking day. I emptied my bank account to pay the goddamn Fox for the SP to burn heaven to the ground. I could have taken more than one day. I could have taken it slowly. I probably would have been better served doing that actually, because the dungeon after that nearly ended me due to a lack of resources. I chose to blitz Namatame and punch him in his stupid goddamn face.

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My little sister is basically Clementine. I did a hell of a lot of crying during my time with The Walking Dead.

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@Terramagi said:

You have 60-70 hours to grow attached to Nanako. As such, the attachment has time to grow naturally, even if the "you will love this fucking character god dammit" is being laid on PRETTY THICK.

Telltale did much the same thing with Clementine, except they only had 8-10 hours with her. So they laid it on so thick that you can get diabetes just looking at her for too long.

90% of those 60-70 hours in Persona are spent dungeon crawling. I think you spend much more time with Clementine than you do Nanako.

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Clementine is horribly voice acted so yeah...

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Clem is my preference

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Nanako. She conveys human emotions.

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Nanako, she even gives stone-faced Charlie a sister-complex.