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I managed it last year, and am going for it again this year. Anyone else having a go?
(For those who don't know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, were you can participate, and challenge yourself to write a 50,000 word novel in the 30-day month of November.)

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What am I being punished for?

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Wait, 50K words?!!? Seriously who can write a full-ass novel in a month? Not even regular-ass writers do that (usually). 

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I am. 
I have like 1900 words so far.

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I'll try. Didn't know this was a thing, but I have something in the works already/

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@MooseyMcMan: You'd be surprised. A lot of people who participate in NaNoWriMo manage to write 50,000 easily. It's all about quantity, not quality.  
I'm participating this year. I'm doing a bunch of prompts that are all related to a single story I have. I figured that at least one prompt a day, at least 1700 words a prompt was doable. I just wish that I didn't have an English essay due this month. :'(
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I did it last year a few days ahead of schedule. This year, however, I just don't have the time (nor the same backlog of ideas). However, because of my job I'm thinking I'll end up writing as much this month but nothing related to NaNoWriMo. Still, it's a great exercise and I encourage all writers to at least try it. You won't write the best novel of your life but it's a much-needed kick in the ass for many of us. 

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I am!

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Wait, do I have to have some type of idea? Does it have to be good?

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Thats five times the length of my dissertation. 
People actually do this for fun?

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I'm doing it too, though I've fallen behind a bit and it's only day 2... crap!

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@Video_Game_King said:
" Wait, do I have to have some type of idea? Does it have to be good? "
Yeah,i was thinking about writing about some pepper going to Venus or something.
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I'll try.

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I do this every year, in fact.
I've never succeeded on time, but I don't think that's really the point, either.

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I was thinking about writing something predictable. Go ahead, guess. You're probably right.
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Sitting at about 7k myself with plenty left to write.  
It's a good way to get motivated to finally do some writing if its something you are interested in, but never manage to get around to. 

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Shit I'm behind already with 5k words!

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I will never understand you people.  
Fuck, maybe I'll try this anyway. 
Or maybe I'll just say I'm going to do it and then not do it like every other year.

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A couple of my friends are, I thought about it but with university taking up so much of my time this semester I just can't.

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@MooseyMcMan said:
" Wait, 50K words?!!? Seriously who can write a full-ass novel in a month? Not even regular-ass writers do that (usually).  "

50,000 Words is about 40 pages assuming you use the same font size as I did. I knocked together 9,000 words for the GTA: San Andreas page in about two days of solid writing. If you had the time to sit down and just keep typing you could probably get 50,000 words within a week. I personally did not know of this occurring each year, so I'm not partaking this year. I don't know if I will ever enter into the NaNoWriMo concept, but I still will put thought to it.
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I've always kind of romanticized the idea of doing it, but November is my perennial busy month, so it just never pans out.

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It's depressing that 2 days in, I'm already behind.

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I am, but I have a really annoying 12 page research paper to work on too. Plus work in my other classes. I only have just over 200 words right now, but I'll probably put some good work into it Thursday.

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I'm doing it, this'll be my fourth year?  I'm about 8k in already. Last year wasn't very great, but this year seems to be rocking. I'm also on a gaming hiatus until December because of it. Or trying, anyway.

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I did it for the last 3 years, but I'm skipping it this year. Not so interested in the idea anymore, plus I don't have the time.