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I just moved to a new place and I need to set up my internet, but have no idea how. I used to have a wi-fi router, which took an cable from the phone company (ADSL) and split the signal to my computers and wireless network. Here at the new place I only have one cable which fits directly to my network card in my PC, how do I do it to split the signal? What kind of device do I need? I have only a little experince in this area so I figured I'd ask. Thank you

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Are you talking of a Ethernet cable?

If you want to get wi-fi and multiple Ethernet ports, all you need is a router.

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@sexytoad: Yes, I have an RJ45 cable, and I still have the old router, but that only has sockets for that cable for the signal to go out of it, I think

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@quipido: Sounds like that was a specific router which took the ADSL cable.

If the new cable you have now is an Ethernet, all you should have to do is get a router from any electronic stores.

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@sexytoad: Ok, than you. The old router was a modem too, so it converted the signal before splitting it.

I'll shop for a new router then, thanks mate.