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I know most of you hate long stories so I'll try to explain it quickly.

I have a credit card attached to my account. Earlier this year I cancel my bank account and it's credit card. Now when I try to sign into my PayPal account it wants me to write down my credit card number for security reasons. Thing is, I can't because IT DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE. Apart from that I can't do anything else, I can't update my info, I can't deactivate my account I can't contact support because it still wants that damn code. So what now?

I really thought that PayPal are like a secure site and I'd be just fine working with them alas they got me stuck here for over a week and I can't find a solution so I'm writting on a video game forum. This is so ridiculous, if it wasn't them I'd think it's a scam asking me for my credit card number.

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I would try to contact the bank. You may need to walk into a physical branch with hard-copy proof of identity in order to make anything happen.

And I'm sure you know this, but just to reiterate: ensure the Paypal webpage you're on is digitally signed with Paypal, Inc.

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Thanks for the answer and it seems that what you offer is indeed my only option, which I won't take because it's too much of a hassle instead of making a new e-mail and account.

Apparently I'm not the only one. A lot of people complain of this and, as seen, PayPal doesn't help a bit. What conclusion I can make is that I shouldn't use PayPal anymore as it can put me in really frustrating situations. I don't know what were they thinking introducing these security measures but I sure as hell won't trust them again as so far they've caused me only trouble. Don't even understand why is this site so popular...