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I have a Sony Bravia 32inch 1080p, 120 htz TV with 3D support. I'm not sure what model it is, but it's from 2011. I've really enjoyed it, but I've been looking at the possibility of getting a newer, slightly larger TV. I was looking for the best I can get, but my budget is between 500 to 1000. Maybe a little more If I really need to. I just want to make sure it has incredible picture quality to get the most of next gen games. I also would prefer 42 inch (no bigger) 1080p and 120 htz. Also, is my current tv going to be good enough for future games in the next generation or is it going to be a situation of having to buy new TV's? I know we are very low on knowledge for those systems, but it's more of a guess. Any info would be appreciate, when it comes to helping me decide on one. Thanks.

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I know Jeff mentioned this on the podcast - The Wirecutter has some good info on TVs.

That site is great if you just want someone to say "Hey, just buy this one". Depending on how deep you want to dig with the into somewhere like the AVS Forums has a lifetime of discussion.