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Hello People! 
I am currently studying multimedia design and for a self-chosen, individual project at my collage/university/school-type-place (i'm danish), I am to make a small point n' click adventure game. I have a few ideas, but I thought it would be cool with some outside input, which would look nice in my report as well. Anyway I turn to you fellow users!
I have the name of the title and the main character: Poorly Drawn Jack (trust me, he will be). But who is he? and what should I put him trough? I'm going to spend the 2-3 few days writing and creating artwork and after that I have to lock everything down so I can start coding the whole mess. So if you have some cool ideas, that can help me out, now is the time! Locations (I thought about The Moon), characters (a good villain perhaps) and maybe some puzzles to go along with that if you think of something. 
I hope some of you have an idea or two, naturally you will get credit in the final game, unless you of course choose not to :)

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His family died except his daughter and he has to go on an act of revenge and do bad things to save the one he loves.
Trust me, it's never been done before.

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Poorly Drawn Jack is on a mission to find out why he is so poorly drawn. 
Characters include: Lack of talent Jeremy. 
Lazy Archduke Frank 
Bad Coding Cody 
and of course, his arch nemesis, the femme fatale, perfectly drawn Miranda. 
The story unravels as so: Jack discovers his poorly drawnness(??) stems from his family, who were actually survives of the chernobyl disaster. This leads to investigation galore, when Jack finally finds out that "God" aka "Competitive Danish Artist Jamal" caused that disaster so that Jack can live a life of hideousness. Miranda, being Jamal's creation, abandons her lord, and falls in love with Jack, despite his hideous figure. 
Perfect, no?

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Do you want the Poorly Drawn aspect to be pivotal to the experience, or is it just his name? This is the first important question that needs to be answered. Second, what tone are you going for? Many adventure games get by on sense of humour, but what style of sense of humour are you going for?  Personally, I think it would be funnier if the fact that Jack is poorly drawn has nothing to do with his actual character.
The thing about adventures games is that most of them are very humourous but in a very nod-and-a-wink sort of way. I think it would be neat if the game was completely self serious, but also just totally ridiculous and stupid. So how about the plot is that martians made of marshmellow (Martianmellows) have taken over the Moon and plan to use it to turn the world into a giant ball of ice cream for the High King of All the Martianmellows, and it's up to Poorly Drawn Jack to go undercover and become part of their society in order to sabotage their master plan. Puzzles can involve trying to destroy crucial machines by setting off ridiculous chain reactions, and you can use dialogue to try and mislead others and accuse others of being the spy. But the big joke is that all the Martianmellows are pink and look all alien like, but Poorly Dawn Jack doesn't have any kind of disguise; he just says that he is one of them and they believe him, so you get this random dude walking around a town full of aliens and no one bats an eyelid. But the dialogue is all super serious and melodramatic, and they are treating the alien threat as the greatest danger the human race has ever faced. Think of Independence Day or Armageddon levels of just ridiculousness but delivered completely straight faced.

Just an idea.

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@SuperJoe said:
"  Jack needs to fix his poorly drawn body.  It is a metaphor for his rough life.  He needs to raise money to repair his body at the plastic surgeon.  Each new body part gives him a special power.  At the end, it is revealed that the plastic surgeon is the villain. "
or that the plastic surgeon didn't exist, and he did all the surgerys on himself! He thinks he is very handsome, but actually he was handsome and became ugly. Its about self preception and the influence of the media on our lives! Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn
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He could be poorly drawn jack, and through his adventure he would try and get from the post-it or napkin or whatever to the computer and into a video game.  On his adventure he would find different pieces of technology to add to his character like color or better rendering or something. 

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cool! already a ton of cool ideas :) 
I didn't really think about making the plot about Jack being poorly drawn, but I'm really liking the idea. However since the name was really intended as a neat way to joke with the fact that I can't draw any way BUT poorly everyone in the game will be poorly drawn. Of course I could just make him look extra bad. 
I also love the idea of improving Jacks appearance during the course of the game, but as mentioned, I wouldn't be able to improve him very much anyway.
Totally considering: improvement on jack, revenge plot,  Martianmellows and Lack of Talent Jeremy :)
Regarding the tone, I definitely want it to be a somewhat humorous game, but beyond that I haven't really decided on anything more specific. 

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You need to make a spinoff - Poorly Translated Jack, and create the most confusing/hilarious Engrish adventure game ever.