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Hey. I bought the Benq XL2411T last week and have been playing mostly Battlefield 4. No regrets so far. My only complaint is the viewing angle is limited and you will notice colour changes if you go beyond that but if that is a concern then maybe check out IPS panels (this is a TN panel). I am using mine as a single monitor on a desk and I sit quite close so it doesn't really affect me.

Perhaps check out this review if you haven't already: http://pcmonitors.info/reviews/benq-xl2411t

They recommend some calibration settings which I found to be useful as the screen came way too bright so you'll probably want to play around with those settings before jumping into a game.

It is worth noting you will need a dual-link DVI connection to reach the maximum refresh rate.

Any other questions, feel free to get in touch.

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@dgtlty: thanks dude that actually helps a lot