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OK so I have a problem I have run out of stuff to watch now and like the title says can you give me some stuff to watch I am open to all kinds and will look at everything that is posted

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Breaking Bad would be my first reccomendation. It is so tense and so addictive it has a but of a slow start but it is necessary and so wort it. Season 5 starts on July 15th so you could burn through it in two weeks for season 5. The show is absolutely fantastic.

Game of thrones, Falling skies, Suits, Castle and Sherlock are also all brilliant and most are on now so you could keep watching. I reccomend all of these shows they are brilliant.

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Breaking bad, easy. Let me at least give a reason, every character seems so well thought out, that you can almost put yourself in each of their shoes, and paired with a just pure entertaining script, the whole thing comes together and is just a thrilling, entertaining show.

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Suits is pretty darn good.

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Game of Thrones
Person of Interest
Sons of Anarchy (do this, its one of the best shows ever)

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would help if you told people what you HAD watched so to avoid pages of recommendations for TV shows you've seem

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My recommendations:

Breaking Bad (if nothing else, watch this)
LOST (this too)
The Office
Trailer Park Boys (you kinda need a certain sense of humor to enjoy this)
Game Of Thrones (if you're into dark fantasy stuff)

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No one said The Wire yet?

I guess I'll do it. Watch The Wire. Heck, even if you already have, go watch The Wire.

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Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Shield, South Land, Six Feet Under, Fringe, Luther, Dexter, Louie, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, Misfits, Boston Legal, Louie, Swamp People, Adventure Time, Newsroom.

Edit: Californication

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In order that you should watch.
Breaking Bad (One of my favourite T.V shows, just finished up season 4 a few days ago.) On Netflix 
Sherlock (Nice and short to cleanse the pallet)  Season 1 is on Netflix
Dexter  (Peaks at season 4) On Netflix
Game of Thrones (Season 1 is amazing, wasn't as fond of season 2) 
Firefly (Relatively short and excellent)  On Netflix
Doctor Who (Granted, not for everyone and not always amazing but is brimming with charm and crafted with love) On Netflix
Bonus: Band of Brothers. (The best miniseries ever, best war film ever, also it's based on a true story; which adds to the badassery and tension)

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Fringe, Chuck and Nikita

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Mad men

Sons of anarchy

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  • Mad Men
  • Breaking Bad
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Lost
  • Workaholics

All of these shows are on Netflix Instant.

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Sherlock is pretty good.

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Nobody has mentioned fucking Twin Peaks yet? Giantbomb.com, I used to know you..

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Besides the ones suggested, The Sopranos if you haven't already, as well as Six Feet Under. Maybe Buffy & Angel?... I wonder if they've aged well. I was super obsessed with both series during my teens, but I haven't watched through 'em in a while.