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Hey folks! I took a few weeks off from working on one of those Windjammers remakes to create a card game. And good news! It's kind of done. I've done some family-and-friends testing (and an unfathomable number of solo bouts), but before I go off and try to get this thing made, I'd like to do at least one test with so-called strangers. That's where you come in!

So if you're in the greater Pasadena, California area and want to do some playtesting, I'll be running a test at Pasadena's very own Game Empire at some point in March. When exactly will be determined by when y'all can make it. Here's what you should expect:

- A competitive card game for 3-6 players, fully prototyped with 3x5 index cards

- A beta, but reasonably balanced and content-complete product (maybe you'll hate it, but at least it's fully formed, mechanically)

- Roughly 3 hours of testing, enough for a few rounds

- You'll provide feedback during and after each round about everything from pacing to balance to mechanical clarity

- $10 in compensation to help defray transportation costs (because you're probably driving)

- Maybe some pizza before or after if the logistics work out?

If that sounds good and you want to play a game where lions hunt gazelles, then let me know. As far as game complexity goes, I'd say it's more involved than something like Settlers of Catan but definitely a lot more accessible than Fantasy Flight stuff like Arkham Horror or Twilight Imperium. After the most recent balance pass, games are running about 40 minutes with 3 knowledgeable players, though I would expect that number to look like 60 with a group of newbies.

I can take at most six (6) testers, and will take the first 6 that can make it. If you think you might be interested, here's what I need to know:

- Availability during the week / weekends

- Dates and times during March that definitely WILL NOT work for you

- The time and/or date that would be MOST ideal for you (if there is one)

- Your location (if it makes sense to change the venue then I'll consider it)

- A fact of your choice!

If you don't mind having that information on the forums for everyone to see in perpetuity, then post it here, I guess? Otherwise just shoot me, the enigmatic @peezmachine, a private message. Let's say that the EARLIEST we could do it would be Monday, March 10 so that folks have time to see this.

Much llama love to you all.