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Ass holes...

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Serves them right.  They'll be persecuted by everyone they know for that shit long after the little girl is gone.

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So she just got butthurt over not being invited to a party? 
Get the fuck oudda heeeaaaa.

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@CornBREDX said:

" Well, I agree, this was low.  I do not agree in the harm or death to the trash that did it. Neither I nor anyone else has the right to take someones life, especially not over something like trolling behaviour from a woman who is obviously a bitch. The most I could hope for, though, is the harrassment and backlash they recieve from the internet and people at large, will make this woman stop being a bitch and act like an Adult (like she pretended too in her apology follow up). Maybe she will see that maybe acting childish is kinda stupid and trying to bring kids into any negative situation is wrong. Maybe she'll learn disputing over a childish thing like not getting a response fast enough to her "text" is silly. Maybe she'll figure out that other people are not obligated to notice you or consider you a friend.  Unfortunately I dont know the whole history of this, as it was not covered but obviously goes back years for some reason. All I can tell is it has to do with the now departed mother. Even if the mother was a bitch it is no reason to bring the daughter into this, and still so she has past on and thats when you need to let things go.  I dont know, i am merely an internet user, with my own life and past regrets. Having seen what I have seen, my only point is I hope she learns to be an adult, wishing upon her death or harm is not in my ability as I have seen it- I dont wish that on anybody and dont feel qualified to make that judgement. I do however hope she learns from her stupidity and becomes a more constructive part of society. It's pretty sad when you do something so mean 4chan has a rallying call to make you miserable.  Just sayin'. "

I like and agree with this response the most so far. So that ^^^^^^^^^^
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@actionTACO said:
" typical whitey behavior  "
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This is just fucking terrible 
What kind of people are they? 
I mean, taunting a dieing child and the mother...................... 

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I can't believe this hasn't been said yet, but that psychotic bitch is kinda hot. 

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@ninjakiller said:
" I can't believe this hasn't been said yet, but that psychotic bitch is kinda hot.  "
She'll bite yo dick off fo sho.
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Man someone's ass is gonna get kicked at work. 

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I usually don't believe in karma but I hope there's some motherfucking karmic retribution dealt out here.

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what a disgusting woman

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What a disspicable thing to do. All of that over a birthday party.

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Wow, what a sociopath. Reminds me of a couple people I know with bi-polar disorder. That's sad in itself, but truly unfortunate that it's affecting others, particularly that have had it hard already.

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thats the kind of thing you get a brick to the skull for.

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And people say the Giantbomb community is full of scum. 

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Jeffrey Tambor is disgusted by that woman's antics.
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That is really really sad, but at least the thing also had a link to that swedish guys video of him hanging himself.  
Been looking for that since it happened a few days ago and couldn't find it. 

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@Meowshi said:
" @ChristOnIce said:

" I love when stories like this break and shit-heels come out of the woodwork to tout their moral superiority complexes by saying they'd "beat the shit out of them" or "those people should be killed."  The infantile, hypocritical tantrums of the self-righteous are always amusing. "

I don't think there's anything wrong with feeling morally superior to undeniably horrible people, but I definitely agree with your second point.  I've always been taken back by how gleeful people get when describing what they would do to the latest pedophile in the news. "
Agreed. There's nothing wrong with the knowledge that you're better than these people. But to wish death on them is repugnant, and really doesn't make you a whole lot better than them.
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" i wonder if both of them have job, if they do their co-workers better treat them like shit "
On one of the pages it says the husband has been suspended from his job, and may get fired.
@Meteora said:

" This is disgusting. I don't think I've seen anything nearly remotely as bad as this. 
@JTMosh said:

" I was going to say "Nobody let 4chan see this." But I'm sure they're all over it already. "
4chan will probably make this bitch's life miserable one way or another. "
We can only hope so. They say that they have already been getting death threats and they're house has been egged. Their kids have also been tormented.
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@PrivateIronTFU said:
"That lady is quite simply, poor white trash. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, probably less. To get lower than white trash is a real accomplishment.  "

I imagine it's the only real accomplishment she's ever managed to achieve.
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I never thought I'd say this but she's even worse than that puppy drowner!

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I don't even like 4chan except for certain occasion.
This is one of them.