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So none of the movies they have been watching for films and 40s have been on netflix which is the streaming service I use. So lets choose some movies on netflix for them to watch! Lets leave out series as that is too long. (though hearing them react to stranger things would be interesting).

I would love to see:

Train to Busan: (Asian zombie Apocalypse on a train)

Tenacious D in the pick of Destiny

Lucha Underground

Kung Fu Panda

Gantz: 0 - live action anime movie (this would be hilarious)

Journey to the west: (I'll just let netflix speak to this: an evil monkey king and a dangerous pig demon are just the start of his problems. He is also falling in love).

Way of the Dragon (Chuck Norris in a Asian kung fu movie)

Could add more but I expect this is enough for now!

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Train to Busan is the best zombie movie I've seen in over a decade

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I've found that not nearly enough people have watched Wet Hot American Summer, and that makes me sad

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You're assuming that everyone lives in your Netflix region

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I'd love to watch just about any of my favourite movies with their commentary track, but I kinda imagine that they maybe don't have time to talk over a million movies?

Still, if I could pick movies for them, I think I'd prefer that they mainly stick to so-bad-it's-almost-good movies, like the Super Mario movie and Mortal Kombat sequels. I watched He-Man and Batman&Robin last year just because Red letter media did a commentary track for both and that made those otherwise garbage movies great.

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Hunt for Red October was on Netflix when they did it. I guess it came off at some point though.

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I'd love Face/Off, just for an excuse to rewatch Face/Off.

Sausage Party/Angry Birds. Both look incredibly stupid. I've tried watching both and only made it 10 minutes in. I'd like a reason to stick it through.

A Talking Cat!? Someone's high school movie somehow made it onto Netflix.

Stranger Things would be awesome and it's not that long.

The Transformers movies. Again, I think I'd like to watch them - there are what, 5 of them? But everytime I start, I stop a few minutes in.

Ip Man - Again, I'd like a reason to watch it again. Also, it's Donny Yen.

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I was looking at Face/Off when I was at my folks at the weekend. I considered watching it.

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Alex should definitely get Dan to watch Lucha Underground, now. If Vinny wants to join in, all the better!

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@zelyre: lol, Stranger Things is "not that long" in the sense that it's like two and a half times longer in total running time than most of the individual movies they watch.

I guess it's not totally unreasonable, but it IS "Film & 40s" not "TV & 40s".

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Smart Man Dan vs. A David Lynch film of your choice.

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I mean, it seems to me that from the very beginning, the whole point of this feature is for one member of the staff who is a big fan of a particular movie (or series of movies, as it were) to record a commentary track with one or more members of the staff who have never seen it. So maybe it's just me, but making requests kind of defeats the entire purpose?

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Yeah, I'd LOVE to listen to these latest Film & 40s. I just don't want to pluck down cash for the entire Fast and the Furious series of Blu-rays, only to watch them with this feature and, likely, never again. It'd be cool if these were streaming anywhere convenient/on a service most people already pay for.

That being said, I, too, would love to see them do Film & 40s for Face/Off.

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Ice pirates, cannibal the musical, zardoz, streets of fire (bill Paxton as a youngster makes an appearance ) and freaked


Also the Crank series

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The Raid

Kung Fu Hustle

Hard Boiled

Battle Royale


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@shindig: Blue Velvet. It has to be Blue Velvet.

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What @kevin_cogneto said - it's not a request show.

Also seems pretty presumptuous to start asking for Netflix films just because that's the streaming service that you use. I don't have Netflix, so should I ask for some Amazon Video films? Or some stuff that's currently on Sky Cinema? Or maybe they could do me some F&40 tracks recorded against Pal versions of films? (When I tried to watch Hunt For Red October with the F&40 track it was noticeably out of sync within 5 minutes - 135 min running time in NTSC vs 129 min in Pal - 30 fps vs 25 fps)

Nah - they should just record what they want and we can listen to it if we're able to.