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I don't know if most people consider it uncool to like Arcade Fire on the internet yet, but the new Arcade Fire song "Reflektor" just leaked out and holy mac-a-role. The only thing I want to do is put on a tracksuit and blast it in my car. I'm a big fan of both Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem and this song is right down my fucking alley.

Here's the song.

Taken down, here's another source

Edit: Here's the actual video:

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Wasn't quite feeling it at first but the second half of the song is fantastic. Seems like they are going in a different direction, which I always appreciate from artists. Looking forward to the new album!

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Wasn't able to play the track, but I had no idea AF had a new song/new album coming out. Fantastic news!

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They'll never do another Funeral, and I'm fine with that. I dig this as where their sound is evolving.

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Glad to hear they have a new album coming out! I really enjoyed the song, looking forward to the rest of the album.

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I'm crying

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Here's the music video, which forces you to interact with your phone and your webcam, and then tells you that you're too glued to your phone and your webcam.

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So it's Fear of Music and Sound of Silver with saxophone. Give me 10 copies.

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Wow, both the song and the video are pretty incredible. Not sure if there are very many bands (if any) that have ever maintained the kind of amazing consistency that Arcade Fire has.

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You know, with the announcement of Bruno Mars (barf) playing the Super Bowl halftime show this year yesterday, I can't help but think how awesome an Arcade Fire halftime show would be. Come on, they won a Grammy. Make it happen, whoever decides these things.

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@milkman: agreed. It's pretty much a guarantee they'll pick someone bad for the super bowl. Gotta get dem ratings.

This songs unexpectedly funky. I like it.

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If you don't want to deal with the interactive one, here's a more boring official video.

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Had not heard these guys in a while, but this track for sure gets me on board for a new album. The interactive video thing is pretty rad also

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This song has about 10 official music videos apparently. Here's the non-interactive music video featuring what could be my Halloween outfit this year (the mirror suit)

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big fan of these guys, james murphy, and this sound in general- but i'm a little conflicted on this one. the audio and production sound fucking GREAT- but i'm finding the song a little uninteresting. it's probably the length- there's probably a really tight 3 or 4 minutes in there.

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Pretty good! A little bit on the lengthy side maybe, but still... pretty good.

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Love. Arcade Fire plus James Murphy plus David Bowie? *fans self* Super excited for the record now.

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Hey, want to listen the whole album? Here ya go.

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Why would it be uncool to like Arcade Fire on the internet? I quite like this song!

Edit: I've become addicted to this song, I can't stop listening to it. And I usually don't like this type of music at all.