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Boards of Canada just announced that they have a new album coming out on June 10th called "Tomorrow's Harvest". If you don't know who they are, they're a scottish electronic band that's kinda sorta underground but that everyone seems to know anyway through word of mouth. "Roygbiv" and "Everything You Do Is a Balloon" are 2 really good starting out tracks that are probably my favourite overall. Oh, and Radiohead stole a song off them once haha.

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Well, this news makes me VERY happy. Thanks for sharing.

I own everything they've put out, but In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country(EP) is my favourite, with Geogaddi being a close second. And didn't they mention only a few months ago that they weren't working on anything particular? Those sneaky Scots.

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I just put in my preorder for the new album. I'm unbelievably stoked about it, just 40 days or so until it comes out.

I think Geogaddi is my favorite album of theirs, if not my favorite album ever made. I really hope the new album matches the freaky/ominous tone of the promotional stuff so far.

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I wonder what it will be like. A part of me wants to say that I hope they've moved on a little bit from their old sound, partly because that would be exciting in itself and partly because I feel like a lot of similar electronic music that was coming out in the 90s just sounds really weak and dated nowadays. But on the other hand, BoC were always the best of them, and most of the people making similar sounds (or imitating if you want to be uncharitable) have either fallen into obscurity or moved into new territory, so maybe just having them do that after so much time, at the level of Geogaddi (their high water mark as far as I'm concerned) would be enough to be exciting. Certainly I remember not finding The Campfire Headphase to be particularly exciting at the time.

I look forward to finding out how I feel when it comes out though. I'd sort of assumed they were gone forever.

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Already preordered. Now I just need 5k to buy that RSD vinyl on eBay.

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@evo said:

Already preordered. Now I just need 5k to buy that RSD vinyl on eBay.

I'm surprised it's not going for more than that. Super obscure electronic vinyls are already expensive enough, I wouldn't be surprised if it climbs up to 15-20k before all is said and done.

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@dfl017: 'All I need' is pretty much a direct cover of 'Roygbiv', but still different enough I think to not be COMPLETELY malicious