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This is very exciting, despite the fact that I hate to dance, I enjoy Daft Punk's groovy man-machine music.

I suppose you guys like to dance?

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@officegamer: Liking Daft Punk requires liking to dance? What?

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Another collab video dropped with the guy I'm probably most excited about. God that riff at the end that he was playing gave me goosebumps. May 21st is so fucking far away.

i'm going to keep this brief because my feet won't stop moving to the boogie, and that makes typing difficult.

1) it pleases me greatly to see the video i came to post already here. great work team.

2) how incredible is nile rodgers. seriously.

3) how much of a tease is that little guitar improvisation at the end. christ i can't wait.


in any event


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@mellotronrules: Wow good catch. I went back to the others to make sure it was unique and damn I really hope a music video single will happen!

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cannot get mexican monkey out of my head now

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Fucking finally, been waiting a long time for an announcement like this! Really excited!

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i have to say- this whole lead up has been a masterclass in hyping an album release. granted it would only work with the clout and funds afforded by a big act, but god DAMN i've never wanted a sequinned suit jacket so hard in my life. ps- is it just me or does pharrell just not age- the dude's 40 now, and looks like he could be 18.

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@mellotronrules: I didn't expect the song was going to have vocals but it works. I guess that teaser at the end of the nile rogers video definitely will be a music video single release.

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Julian is gonna be in this album? Rad...

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@colourful_hippie: peeps is saying monday. here's hoping. and re: the vox- i think they work as well. sounds throwback, which is the vibe they're defo going for.

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Tune into SNL tonight guys...

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Fwwwaaaaarrrrrkkkkk it's so smooooooottthhh......

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I've never been so excited for an album.

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There was a new ad on SNL! It was just a smaller clip from the coachella video. But it's high quality!

EDIT: on youtube!

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sweet mother it sounds good with this higher bitrate.

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@joey: heres apparently the full version of that spot

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@mrfluke: oh yeah but the SNL one has higher quality audio.

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They're apparently going to play live right now at Coachela. There are 3 live streams but it's probably going to happen on Channel 3 since that's where Knife Party is. Just search for Coachella Live Channel 3 on Youtube, you'll find it easily. That said, it's just a rumor...

Update: Even if Daft Punk isn't there... Knife Party is giving one hell of a show so go watch it anyways.

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Guys, guys, the track list has been revealed. It looks great and they really went all out with the collab work.

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Hearing Pharrell on that joint really got a "Off the Wall" vibe with that one.

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@i_stay_puft said:

Hearing Pharrell on that joint really got a "Off the Wall" vibe with that one.

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absolutely. little bit of john legend too. the more sequins, bass funk, and soaring falsetto we get, the better off we'll all be.

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new favourite .gif:

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Wow the music is so simple yet so amazingly soulful! Good old Daft Punk.

However, the lyrics.... "We're up all night to get lucky"?! o_O

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Man I am totally looking forward to this album. The latest teaser/trailer is really cool. Not what I was expecting in some ways which I think works even better.

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New collab video.

and great interview of Daft Punk. Pretty crazy that they started this back in '08 and those guys hit the nail on the head about the current state of EDM.

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Looks like someone got a hold of the whole "Get Lucky" and it's awesome. HERE!

Edit: yeah. it's just a loop. I'm at work and didn't listen too hard the first time.

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@teoball: That's just the chorus on loop, I call bullshit.

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This is easily the most excited I've been for anything music related in years. The Collaborators video with Pharrell is awesome, the spots on tv are awesome, and I have a very good feeling this album will be awesome.

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this is just a 'shop, but it's pretty fantastic.

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Never got into Daft Punk but Get Lucky is hot.

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@mellotronrules said:

this is just a 'shop, but it's pretty fantastic.

For comparison's sake:

This makes a lot of sense.

Bring back that MJ groove!

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Wallpaper from The Collaborators' video series with Pharrell Williams:

Direct Link

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Don't really know why no one has put the leaked radio edit up here yet, but, here ya go.

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@daneian said:

Don't really know why no one has put the leaked radio edit up here yet, but, here ya go.

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i hadn't mentioned it because it hasn't been officially confirmed by anyone at camp daft punk (label, columbia, etc). and i have my doubts. but we'll see, amazon's saying it's available friday.

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@mellotronrules: Really? Thought it had been. Ryan even retweeted Phil Fish claim it was. Oh well. I'm enjoying it regardless. Seems well produced and along the lines of the Coachella/SNL video.

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@daneian: if it is fake, it's an amazing job. but there's a fierce internet-debate going on as to whether or not it sounds properly mixed, mastered, and edited...whether or not that really is pharrell (or just a really amazing impersonation or manipulation of melodyne), it's actually kind of insane. amazon says we'll have it friday, so maybe we'll know then?

edit- doesn't help that major news outlets like nme, pitchfork, etc. haven't picked up on it as well.

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@daneian: Fair enough. Thanks for the link. Didn't see that yet.

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Yeah that radio edit leaked one doesn't exactly sound "finished" but that just means that the mastered single will be that much better.

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synchronize your pebble smart watches everyone- they've made it official with a referee and a whistle...midnight EST.

check it.

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I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a song. Probably never.

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Finally! The best are back!

Love that Pharell calls them "The Robots". I always loved Daft Punk and I remember so clearly listening to Human After All and thinking: man. Only robots could have written this music - sounds too much like the future.

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The track is out there in it's official form guys. Thought I'd give a heads up. It's not the "leak" from yesterday. This is proper.