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#51 Posted by spiceninja (3062 posts) -

Looks friggin terrible.

#52 Posted by Mooshu (486 posts) -

Honestly, why did they pick that guy from War of the Worlds to be Goku? He doesn't even come CLOSE to looking the part.

#53 Posted by Weltal (2274 posts) -

I can't wait. It's going to be a great movie to MST. Unless of course it's actually good..... HA

#54 Posted by Apollo (471 posts) -
kaz3 said:
"Lol. I hope the makers aren't seriously thinking that we're going to take this movie seriously."
Because they totally expected you to take a film in which a guy gets blonde hair just by screaming as seriously as you would the Godfather...

I wish people would just take this film for what it is. And example to do kick as fight scenes for no reason. Why anyone wants or expects more than that is beyond me...
#55 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -

Well its going to be... interesting. 

#56 Posted by OGCartman (4354 posts) -

This is probably the most unmanly thing iv said but im fuckin exited for it!

#57 Posted by MichaelScott (193 posts) -

The poster screams "legit."

If they actually make this  live-action, it will be the greatest bad movie ever.

#58 Posted by Illmatic (1358 posts) -

My logical side tells me to stay away but my inner child from so many years ago is telling me to convince some of my friends to see it with me opening day.

#59 Posted by Apollo (471 posts) -
Cartman said:
"This is probably the most unmanly thing iv said but im fuckin exited for it!
Because it svery unmanly wanting to see aliens fight each other to the death.

Yeah sounds like a total chick flick...
#60 Posted by ohwiseone (75 posts) -

This looks like something you would go see when your drunk But that won't stop me

#61 Posted by ohwiseone (75 posts) -

This looks like something you would go see when your drunk But that won't stop me

#62 Posted by Diego (134 posts) -

i will definitely see it, but im pretty sure it wont be so good, i mean...    real characters? D: im used to anime dudes in dbz

#63 Posted by Tamz (26 posts) -

oh god, that is horrible

#64 Posted by Blueblur1 (344 posts) -

Vinny, even you can't defend this.

#65 Posted by TanKLoveR (333 posts) -

I'm watching it just to see how big of a disaster it is lol.

#66 Posted by claysol13 (65 posts) -
Gayer than fucking gay.
#67 Posted by Goku (7 posts) -

Ever since they said the DBZ movie was on the way, I wasn't to happy about it, and after watching some pics and now this poster, not only am I not happy but even a bit mad, I mean, the pics I saw look nothing like the anime show characters and they are doing it all modern like. For example, they are all wearing shirts and jeans and stuff like that, which I think is idiotic! They should have done this movie in CG, like FFVII Advent children, that movie is awsome in my opinion and not only does it look great it stays true to the series.

P.S The worst thing about it is that im still going to go watch the movie......lets hope that by some miracle they pull it off and I come out of the theatre loving it :P

#68 Posted by Ultimate_pwr_rngr (774 posts) -

I'll stick with the anime, thank you.

#69 Posted by Kevin (369 posts) -

Dear god... what have we created?

#70 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

Its like driving past a traffic accident. You know it will be awful, and you are sure you should stay clear of it but something compels you to take a look anyway.

#71 Posted by psychomode (784 posts) -

Why do things like this have to exist?

#72 Posted by WorldsFastestShrimpPeeler (458 posts) -

im still going to see either way lol.
but... loll

#73 Posted by XxDeath_MetalistxX (8 posts) -
Lol , I'll watch it for the laughs ^__^
#74 Posted by Dual (47 posts) -

I will like to see how many people are actually going to watch this.

#75 Posted by SymbolliC (261 posts) -

The poster looks oookay..but I fear the worst for the film as a whole. Why make a live action Dragonball film??

#76 Posted by Brucie (129 posts) -

I thought Goku was Japanese

#77 Posted by Why_So_Serious (803 posts) -

This has to be a joke. If it is than this movie has one of two options. Huge Flop or Great movie. Hopefully Uwe Boll isn't the director.

#78 Posted by Zombie (201 posts) -

The hair is horrible. The costume looks wrong.

I wish they would make a decent movie of this.

#79 Posted by Aarny91 (3912 posts) -

I'll watch it.. But gouge out my eyes afterwards..

#80 Posted by Blueblur1 (344 posts) -

So the consensus is people will watch because of how bad its inevitably going to be? Why waste your time?

#81 Posted by Premier111 (170 posts) -

i will watch it, but will not take it as a serious DBZ movie, more a fun makeup of real life.

#82 Posted by chazer127 (213 posts) -

There goes my childhood...

#83 Posted by steban (9 posts) -

fucking WEAK!  but ill see it anyway...

#84 Posted by steban (9 posts) -

fucking WEAK!  but ill see it anyway...

#85 Posted by tec3297 (1170 posts) -

I know it will be horrible, but I am gonna have to go see it just cause I am a huge fan of the show and the games.

#86 Posted by MisoRonery (468 posts) -

Hopefully this movie will be just terrible enough to be entertaining.  Not so much that its completely unwatchable.

#87 Posted by Absurd (2934 posts) -
Jax said:
"I'll watch it. :)
I will also watch it, Looks like a great comedy ;)
#88 Posted by FuzzYLemoN (1600 posts) -

Great, another IP ruined.

#89 Posted by mybigpose (162 posts) -

OMG!!! DID ANYONE REALIZE u just have to click on the image and it shows up?
THAT WAs awesome.
I THINK I JUST wet myself

edit: damn,sorry for the caps lock.

#90 Posted by Rotnac (773 posts) -

L O L! thats...different

#91 Posted by TimeWaffle (946 posts) -

i can't believe the kid from the invisible/war of the worlds in playing goku

#92 Posted by sheisty_shogun (256 posts) -

I think Stephen Chow is involved somehow, right? I thought a couple of his movies were pretty funny. This movie will most likely suck.

#93 Posted by clubsandwich (3795 posts) -

omg this movie will suck so much :lol: I'm glad I'm not a fan. :D

#94 Posted by p0tet (48 posts) -

oh no... ooohhh..no

#95 Posted by Aaron_G (1615 posts) -

*Dies inside*
Oh no!

#96 Posted by capitanm1 (205 posts) -

It looks lame... I know what I wont be seeing in the near future.

#97 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4308 posts) -
@I_Luv_I3reast: Why would you necro this thread...................  I was scared they were going to make a sequel
#98 Posted by falserelic (5444 posts) -

For a second I thought it was going to be a sequel too. This thread didn't need to be resurrected.

#99 Posted by Xolare (1284 posts) -

@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG said:

@I_Luv_I3reast: Why would you necro this thread................... I was scared they were going to make a sequel

I almost shit myself thinking that.

#100 Posted by DeltaDreamer (113 posts) -

woa....don't DO THAT!..*takes out shovel and buries thread back in the eternal pit of FUBAR*