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Anybody that has a PS3 or is a PC gamer or even a fan of anime excluding hentai ;lol please send me a friend request 

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Welcome to GB.

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PS3 owner here. And welcome to GB.

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sure, ill add you

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I do like a little anime 

Welcome to Giant Bomb
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Welcome, fun stuff going on, haha :D

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Welcome to GB. :)

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I'll be your friend ^_^

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Welcome to the OT of GiantBomb.

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welcome to GB have fun :)

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Welcome to GB. I do like anime so I'll add you.

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All of us only joined up yesterday your not late, but yes I'm a Sci-Fi anime geek and am glad to add another to my network :)

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Thanks for welcoming me! Ya I will be an active user so check back on my profile and forums as well

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I don't really play much PC games anymore because mine broke a couple of weeks ago, but I'll add you anyways. Welcome!

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We're all pretty much new to GB. But welcome anyways!

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technically, everyone is new to the site.

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true my mistake sorry lol