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Happy New Year everyone!

Right now I am putting into writing the changes I need to make in my life in order to fulfil a successful year. Either just so I don't forget, or more likely so I can look back at what I didn't do and grumble. 2013 for me was the year when I realised, life really takes over. I made some pretty big transitions life wise, starting off the year working at a record label part time, spending more than I earnt, playing a ton of games in my vast amount of free time and getting my soul destroyed by the music industry. Half way through I got a real job, making real money, a real relationship and a realisation my free time is starting to become a sinking ship. It was a good year really. It may not be the career of my dreams but hey, it's not bad.

With my job now taking over a big chunk of my life it's time for me to use this New Year to bring about some well needed changes:


I rarely finish anything. I had distraction issues as a child which has carried over into my adult life, annoyingly. I do lots of things, but I can never concentrate on anything hard enough to finish it. The main thing here and video game related is I buy games on steam all the time but never finish them. It's stupid I know, but jeez I have 140 games and have finished maybe 30%? 2014 is the year when I'm gonna give that list a beating. I want to play them, I know they are fun. But goddamn I do distracted. So that means I need to be:

2. Effectively Managing Time

Rather than waste my time on stupid websites (Facebook, links from Facebook, etc) I am going to make better use of my time to do more things. See my friends more, play games rather than just sit there, read books, read comics. Actually do something I enjoy rather than waste what time I have. It's definitely a skill, and may require some researching. I need to allow myself time to do some things because this year I want to:

3. Finish Something Major

So as to prove I can do something in my life, this year I want to finish what I've started. I guess that can be finishing off those pesky demos, find a singer for my band, finish that graphic novel I started writing, but something important to me.

I do hope I can stay true to the changes I'd like to make and I hope if anyone else has any goals like this that we all see them through! Apologies for this being not necessarily games related but I shall be doing updates as part of my never ending quest to finish my Steam games. Most likely entitled Steam Power!

Thanks for reading and may 2014 be a successful one for you all!