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Auto-subscribe just activated for me along with $15 coupon. But it seems that there'll be no new t-shirt this year.

Anyone following them on twitter? Did anybody mentioned anything about this?

Else I'll probably get one of the old ones.

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Absolutely nothing has been said regarding a new membership T-shirt, as far as I know.

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Jeff mentioned on his tumblr that he'd like to do one but can't say either way yet.

I doubt it happens, with everything coming down the line they're about to get pretty busy.

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Following the Giant Bomb staff on Twitter?


Moan at @rorie about this, he's product manager for Giant Bomb. Tell him to sell us products.

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Last Canadians shirt needs to happen. Or is it the Last Canadiens? Or maybe The Last Kanaediens?

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I'm all in for a VBOMB T after that Pathfinder session. Ideally it would include the stone statue arm being dropped from a great height.

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I figured they weren't doing one this year since I didn't see one so I just used my coupon towards a Flight Club shirt, which I didn't have yet.

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We've been talking about it; just need to find a design that everyone likes. Hopefully sometime soon.

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I finally placed an order for the hoodie, the international shipping is killer.. coupon code covers 3/4. haha should be worth it. I plan on wearing it forever, especially Tuesdays.

Edit: 500th post!

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Also looking forward to the 2014 T-shirt. I need to repaint my cars in iRacing for the next year. :P

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I'm STILL waiting for my Team Brad shirt >:(

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Guessing the ship has completely sailed on any hope of a Ryan Davis shirt then?

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@rorie: Sad face :( Are we getting new shirts?

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C'mon Brad.

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There'll be a shirt hopefully by the end of the month.

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@rorie said:

There'll be a shirt hopefully by the end of the month.

Sweetest deals! I just re-subbed so I look forward to it!

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@rorie: If this was the car industry we'd be getting our 2015 shirts y'know. And I'd like mine in Phantom Black Metallic please.

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@rorie: Any update on the new shirt?

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@shadow2384: There totally is.


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It took me a little while before I realized the Bombduders shirt was the 2014 member tee as well. However, I like the Vinnco one better so I went with that instead.

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How long has the Bombduder's shirt been up? Don't remember Rorie saying anything about it.

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@nightriff: Since Friday or so. We announced it on UPF and tweeted about it; not sure if we did anything crazy beyond that.

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@rorie: Haven't watched UPF yet and must have missed the tweets, my bad. Thanks for the info.


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That's what I get for missing a UPF. Time to grab my virtual wallet!

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Ordered!! I like the Blue version, and the logo too. Can't believe I missed UPF though and this was on, because I never miss em!

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@rorie: Hey thanks for making the shirt available in women's sizes too!

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@kalmia64: No worries! We got some requests so it's something we're trying out. Hopefully they'll sell enough to make it feasible to keep doing it in the future.