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I've been at a pickle for a while now on internet security on my computer.  Since I got my new Dell last June, I've been using Norton 360.  After a while now I've been thinking of changing to AVG 8.5 (the newest one).  I was doing some research and I found people on both sides.  Some said Norton 360 rocked and AVG sucked and some said AVG rocks and Norton 360 sucks.  I thought I would get some input from you guys on what you use.  I believe there are many AVG users on this site and I would like their thoughts on it and if there are any Norton 360 users, tell me what you think of it.
Note:  I don't want the free version since I can get AVG Internet Security 8.5.

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They all tend to be overloaded crap. If you have to use Windows, I'd advise the open source and free ClamWin, which also is additionally available for Linux and OSX, too.

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AVG for me works really well and never found it terribly impacting on the performance of my system compared to other Anti Virus products. For me ive always hated the Norton products since they seem to suck up resources and bug me too often.

In terms of the actual catching of virus's I irrationaly hate Norton (though I hate it rationally for other reasons) but ive never checked exactly how better/worse it is compared to AVG since I very rarely get virus's so there was never a need to.

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Get "Avast!". It's free, and for me did the exact same job that AVG did. Of course, after I found out about CA through Time Warner, I've been using that.

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Norton is a piece of shit. AVG is the way to go.

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All you need is common sense and AVG. Norton and Macafee are just bloated with useless crap that slows down the PC. I have AVG myself but i'm usualy rideing barback. Aslong as you know what to look for and use the thing between your ears you dont really need an antivirus.

  • Never open anything that ends in .exe unless you KNOW FOR A FACT that you can trust them
  • Read the e-mail addresses of who sent them to you before you open them. If you don't know them don't open it no matter what it says.
  • If you like going to porn sites try and find one or two sites that are set up like google where they have a database of stuff you can trust. I would link a few but I'm sure i would get modded.
  • Don't use iexplorer because its very easy for viruses to get around. Use firefox and download a few addons to keep yourself safe. I have Adblocker Plus and AVG Safe Search. AVG has a database of known sites with viruses and this will block any links to sites from loading by telling you its not safe. Ad blocker has a database of url's from known ad agencies and will block all ad's on sites. These are common ways viruses get onto your computer.
That's what works for me, go with what ya like but i haven't had any problems by just using bare bones stuff and common sense. Thats AVG free btw, and i usually have it off unless i think i might have something and i will run it just to run a diagnostic. Worst i ever got was a few trackers.
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AVG definately its what i use and never been happier.

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Norton 360 works fine for me. But I'm no security software junkie, so don't take my word.

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@crusader8463 said:
"All you need is common sense and AVG."
No, all you need is common sense.
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@crusader8463 said:
" All you need is common sense and AVG. "
Great advice.
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I found out about AVG through my friend, and its worked out for me nicely.  Personally I think Norton sucks and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone.

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I would suggest Zone Alarm, It takes some management but its crazy good and has tons of setup possibilities.

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I've been using Avast, but I know some people who are happy with AVG. Norton usually has a negative connotation among people.

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NOD32, takes little to no resources, and it works.

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 I can recommend NOD32, it's simple to use, doesn't impact your PCs performance and gets the job done effectively.

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I use Avira Anti virus, Spyware Terminator and COMDO fire wall. I have a AMD TL-60 (2 ghz) and 2gb of RAM and things run fine.

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Kaspersky, in terms of paid anti-virus is awesome.

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Just so you know, you'll be giving up all the non-security features when moving away from Norton 360. AVG Internet Security is more comparable to Norton Internet Security. Either is fine, really.

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@Kamasama said:
" Just so you know, you'll be giving up all the non-security features when moving away from Norton 360. AVG Internet Security is more comparable to Norton Internet Security. Either is fine, really. "
That's what I was thinking.  Norton 360 also has Back-Up as well.
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I stopped using Norton a few years ago when it decided to take control of my computer over 1 virus. AVG does it's job and doesn't do anything it shouldn't.

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Avg all the way.