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With lost finally coming to a close, what will you be watching on TV.  Will you move to ABC sitcoms? NBC sitcoms? Or wade through the shitstorm of crappy programming hoping to find a show you may enjoy?

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There are plenty of better programs out there than LOST. Breaking Bad for one.

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There's also, the... you know... out-of-doors thing that other people seem to love.

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I usually watch House, Breaking Bad, The Office, 30 Rock, and then sometimes Parks and Recreation, as well as Community.

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Never watched it, ever
So gonna keep watching shows like Psych, Burn Notice, How I met your mother.....I could go on
Loads of other good shows

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Bitch endlessly on forums about the ending... Heh.
Actually I didn't start watching it till about 3 months ago and just caught up, so I'm gonna reclaim my weeknights for gaming instead of constant Lost mini-marathons.

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I'm thinking about catching up to Breaking Bad. Also, I hear a lot of good things about The Wire, but the Blu Ray series is pretty expensive.