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Ok so a few people on xbox tonight were talking and the conversation randomly turned to Obama.....and these people from Georgia honestly thought that Obama is the antichrist. They were talking about how their whole family and a few people they knew also believed this and I thought it was hilarious. Yeah....they say that "The antichrist will come out of nowhere just like how Obama came out of nowhere politically, like how no knew him and all of a sudden BAM he's here".

How can anyone honestly believe of them said that their Grandma has a t-shirt that says "Obama 08 Antichrist"

I think it stems from racism but.....are people really this stupid?

Thoughts?  (p.s. sorry if this is lockable....sorry in advance if there is only retarded conversation)
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lol thats just ignorant

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The man goes to church. It's obviously a cover up for the fact that he is the embodiment of satan!