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Friend of mine just texted me that Doyle Von Frankenstein posted this on his FB page early this morning. He found dead by his GWAR bandmate Beefcake The Mighty a.k.a Jamison Land. Reason for his death is not known yet but I do have a few guesses.

First it was Cory now it's Dave. Metal world losses another one.


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Goodnight Moon indeed.

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A legend. :( RIP

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I am going to remember him with a big meat sandwich

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I was just about to go cover myself in anonymous bodily fluids, but now I have a good reason to. Until real Ragnarök comes, Oderus will live on.

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Bullshit. Oderus just went home, man. He got sick of all this scum on Earth. I'm going to miss that mighty cuttlefish.

Who am I kidding? I balled like a sissy when I heard the news. Brockie was fucking awesome. RIP.

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I think the next bit of news we'll get about this is that he died clutching a pair of air jordans and a mini-grill.

In all seriousness this definitely a bummer, seeing GWAR live is an amazing experience.

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Goddammit. First Hanneman, now this.

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I was going to go to their last tour in the UK before they had to pull out due to the other death in the band and seeing them listed at soundwave gave me huge hope they would do another european tour, i guess it was never meant to be.

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He was a very big part of me and my friends lives and he will be missed. He was one of those types of people that you think will never die.

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Gonna be interested to see what they do as a tribute to him at the Golden Gods Awards next month, since they'll no doubt do something.

RIP to another great metal voice.

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My first introduction to GWAR as a kid. RIP

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I heard about it yesterday, and it ruined my day.

At least I was fortunate enough to see Gwar 3 times. Some of the most epic concert memories I have involve Mr. Brockie and multiple bodily fluids donated by himself and others.

In a time when the music industry is becoming more complacent, safe, and downright boring than ever, someone like Dave "Oderus the Motherfucking Scumbag of the Universe Urungus" Brockie is needed more than ever.

He will be missed....

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Bummer :(