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Poll: OG Justice League vs. OG Avengers (16 votes)

Justice League 75%
Avengers 25%

The Avengers and the Justice League are in their shag carpet covered 70's vans when they hit into each other. They get out and being the road ragers that they are instantly start fighting one another. Keep in mind the people that are fighting are only the ones listed below, and do not have any special powers aside from their regular powers or inventions (Such as Iron Man and Batman). Assume no one brought Kryptonite or a Yellow ring or other hero weaknesses.

OG Avengers (according to Wikipedia)

OG Justice League (again according to Wikipedia)

I vote for the Justice League. They have more people as well as having a better line up against the Avengers. Considering that Martian Manhunter could easily disguise for a sneak attack, and Ant-Man and the Wasp could be killed easily by a simple mistake.


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Huh, the Justice League always looked like "stupidly overpowered" to me.

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Silver Age Superman alone could beat the OG Avengers. It's not even really fair. Throw in Martian Manhunter, who is also pretty overpowered, unless you brandish a lighter in his face, and it ends up being a massacre. DC heroes of that era were just godlike compared to really any Marvel characters of that time. Even old school Wolverine was no where near as powerful as he is written now. Anyway, Justice League, no doubt, especially considering the time period.

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@jack_facker: Glad to see new people making quality posts with amazing English intact.

@jadegl: I have to agree, I was having an argument with my friends over who would be able to win in a fight. I said no doubt the Justice League. I honestly do not think that the Avengers have been even close to competition at any point in time.

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@billythekid: These kind of vs threads don't fly on Giant Bomb, you may want to check out Comic Vine for that stuff.

EDIT: And you've just admitted that the Avengers never stood a chance to begin with, so I suspect you only created this thread for the sake of confirmation bias.

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We don't need spam like versus threads littering the forums. Locking this down.