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Well, this thread is old and dead, so I'm removing everything and starting a new one. Let's hope that "Full Edit" hasn't been changed back to resurfacing threads...

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I grabbed Dust, thanks! It was the only one I didn't own yet on a PC so I didn't buy the bundle myself.

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Grabbed Giana Sisters. Thanks, similar to VierasTalo I owned all the others in the bundle and couldnt justify buying the bundle for one game.

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Kind of hilarious that Arkham DLC was part of a humble bundle

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Gonna hijack your thread because I am too lazy to make a new one. Just did it 5 minutes ago and it worked.

From CheapAssGamer forum


Sign up to get a free Thief Gold Edition Steam Code.

Note: The Code you get from signing up does not give you the Steam Code. You have to go Amazon first, put Thief Gold into your Cart, and once you reach the Payment Screen, put in the Code you previously got into the Promotion Bar. And viola. You should get a free code.

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Thanks! Got Fez.

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Bump! Apparently, "Full Edit" doesn't do it anymore...

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Bump! Apparently, "Full Edit" doesn't do it anymore...

Got NS2, thanks!

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Grabbed Super Hexagon! Thanks a bunch!

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Thanks, man! I grabbed Hotline Miami.

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Bump for System Shock 2.

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I grabbed the key. Thanks, duder! Can't wait to try it!

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Bump for added games.

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I got Dear Esther. Thanks!

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I redeemed Hotline Miami. Thanks for doing this!

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Hoisted Little Inferno. Cheers!

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Bump for Symphony.

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Bump for new games.

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I'd like to give Zeno Clash a try!

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I would like Hard Reset please.

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I would like Tropico, please

Edit: Thanks! Redeemed it, just fine.

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Bump for weird Humble Bundle stuff.