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I could've sworn during early internet days of late 90s or early 00s, I randomly typed in Zelda.com as a young lad hoping to find information about Link's Awakening or something probably, and remembered it going to a porn site instead.

Anyone else experience this? I swore this happened, and I'm pretty sure it was Zelda.com. Just curious, because if other people remember this and can confirm my memory is legit - man, I miss the mystery of the old school internet days.

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That doesn't sound like something you'd find on the early Internet; that sounds like something you'd find on the late Internet.

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Why didn't you just use google in the first place?

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I remember when IGN was like N64.com and RPGamer was some Squaresoft fan site with lots of midi music and images... Or maybe I'm just so old I'm misremembering all of that.

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Oh yeah, classic internet!

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Last time I went to Zelda.con was when I was 13 and figured out how to lock the bathroom door! Zing!

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@TripMasterMunky: There is a site called web.archive.org that lets you go back and view what a webpage used to be and use it. Zelda.com from 1990 is infact a porn site.

Edit: Never mind, it seems the same info is in the thread you linked to.

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lol at that. i actually do think i saw that, also. i don't really remember as i never got to really use the computer when i was younger.

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Porn before broadband was slow and painful before you got your reward.

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@TripMasterMunky said:

Man, imagine Nintendo having to buy that domain name off them.

Because Nintendo is averse to owning porn?

First paragraph, last sentence- Nintendo does, for some reason, own porn.

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It wasn't uncommon back then (and still happens occasionally now) for a popular domain name to get bought up in order to turn into a porn site. Whitehouse.com used to be a rather notorious porn site, as well.