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I am on my own mission. A quest if you will that I call "One Man and His Journey Though Cinematic Sounds and Visuals" Or OMHJTCSV if you prefer. I am trying to watch a different movie every day for a year. The only problem is, I don't really know where to start. So I have came here to my friends on Giant Bomb for help.
Whether is be foreign, anime, action, horror, new, old, or will be coming out soon; It would be a great help if you could list your favorite movies and maybe a description with it so I know what i'm getting myself into. Or an IMDB link would help just as well.  Thanks for the help.

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house on haunted hill-one of my favs 
event horizon- a great one as well 
sex drive- hilarious shit 
halloween- best remake in a while 
crank- my fav action movie ever 
thats all for now. hope it helps 

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@Damien: I don't get this thread? What are we supposed to do?
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Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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...Why?  Why not just moderate it and maybe a Saturday or something you could just sit on your ass and watch movies all day?

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Once Upon A Time In America

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Hannah Montana: The Movie

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@creamypies: yo do what the kid under me said.  I'm not OP but I'm ahead of him?  Or just watch Superbad, whatevs.
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Robocop!! And then just act as if the sequels never happened.
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I have a list of movies i still need to buy, but as of now, I am trying to watch atleast 2 movie a day for this year... or from now on :P. Today I saw Observe and Report (still stands as my favorite movie of all time... i need to watch more movies you say -_-) and I will hopefully get to watch like... idk 28 Days Later. 
My main mission as of now is to buy copies of Adaptation, Dr. Strangelove, and Wayne's World... a weird mix I know haha

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I'll throw in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, City of Gods, aaaaand Life Aquatic.  Three amazing movies.

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@masternater27 said:
" I'll throw in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, City of Gods, aaaaand Life Aquatic.  Three amazing movies. "
Damn you beat me to it! ESOTSM would be my first suggestion. The first two Godfather movies. I'm through with white girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks). Chasing Amy.
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I would watch the same movie, I have been watching over and over again since it's release.  The Lord of the Rings.  I have watched them everyday, on auto-repeat, since Nov. 2003.  When the extended DVD of The Two Towers edition came out.  
Right now the credits for, The Fellowship (disk 2) are rolling.  Great sound track.  Soon Disk 3 will start. With Gandalf battling the Balrog.  The moving on to Frodo and Sam Wise making their way through Emyn Muil.
BrB I have to get my cloak out of the washer, and put it in the dryer!

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@SoothsayerGB said:
" I would watch the same movie, I have been watching over and over again since it's release.  The Lord of the Rings.  I have watched them everyday, on auto-repeat, since Nov. 2003.  When the extended DVD of The Two Towers edition came out.    Right now the credits for, The Fellowship (disk 2) are rolling.  Great sound track.  Soon Disk 3 will start. With Gandalf battling the Balrog.  The moving on to Frodo and Sam Wise making their way through Emyn Muil.  BrB I have to get my cloak out of the washer, and put it in the dryer! "
I'm flipping stupid. Should have included the trilogy in my post too. 
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@masternater27: The Life Aquatic is my second favorite movie of all time. The fact you even mentioned it made me throw my fist in the air *hug*
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Groundhog Day.... lol, wouldn't that be ironic. 
But for all seriousness, the two movies I could watch everyday for a year would either be Ghostbusters or Office Space. 2 of my alltime faves.

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Dawn of the Dead.  
 Leprechaun series.

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@W0lfbl1tzers: ESotSM is definitely tied with City of God for my favorite movies. @nofx4208: Yeah, it's right behind the previously mentioned movies.  
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@Abyssfull: robocop 3 .....*Shudders*
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Lion King

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hot fuzz,  letters from iwo jima,  those are a couple that come to mind that i really like
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Eagle Eye

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The Transformers Movie (1986).
I would watch it in the nude with a bottle of scotch in hand & tears of joy in my eyes. Go Judd Nelson Go!!

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Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie

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There not that many movies silly.

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I'm going to take on this challenge myself, starting Oct. 1st.

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Blood: The Last Vampire (the anime not the live action)
King of New York
The Crow ( the original)
State of Play
Michael Clayton
The Usual Suspects
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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@ArchScabby said:
" There not that many movies silly. "
...lul wat?
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@Landon: Lets see, 
Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels

(Those are all Guy Richie movies, british action-y movies with a lot of psychological thriller stuff, they are really unique and amazing!)
Princess Mononoke 
Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away (If you want)

(These are Studio Ghibli movies, Anime, Princess Mononoke is an action movie about a prince of a tribe who gets cursed by a demon while protecting his village, so he goes on a quest to find where the demon came from and maybe find a cure. Its really awesome, It was voted the #1 anime movie you should see before you die.)
Howls moving castle is also really awesome, Howl's voice is Christian Bale, and there is a bunch of other celebrities in the studio ghibli movies.
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I'll be glad to help. Many of these you will probably have already seen. If not, it's time to watch them. This will get long, but I assure you that I won't list a full 365. Also, I'm going to try to keep the descriptions short and vague. Generally I think it's better to go into a movie without knowing much about it.

  • Heat - Michael Mann's masterpiece crime saga. One of the best films of our time. De Niro vs. Pacino in a tale of cops and robbers.
  • Dumb and Dumber - I think this is the greatest comedy ever made. Starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.
  • Gladiator - I hope you've seen this one already. It's totally awesome. Russell Crowe is excellent.
  • Cinderella Man - Another great film starring Russell Crowe. I think this one is a little overlooked. Personally, I think it's outstanding. Nearly flawless. About a real boxer from the Great Depression.
  • Slumdog Millionaire - 2008 Academy Award Best Picture winner. Excellent movie, deserved the win.
  • True Lies - James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Enough said. 
  • Indiana Jones trilogy - They'll all good. Well, I still haven't seen the new one, but I'd give it a shot.
  • Planes, Trains, & Automobiles - John Candy, Steve Martin. Fantastic 80's comedy. 
  • The Rocky series - There's six. You know what it's about. If you haven't seen them, it's time to tape some gloves on and get yourself in that ring.
  • Training Day - Denzel Washington won an Oscar for his performance, and Ethan Hawke is great too. About a cop's first day training out on the streets. It is pretty disturbing at times, but man is it good.
  • A Few Good Men - Sure, it's a movie that takes place in court. Don't let that discourage you. This is the kind of movie that's so good that if I find it on TV, I'll stop whatever I was doing just to watch it. It has a very big cast with Tom Cruise leading the way.
  • Goodfellas - Dude. De Niro, Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta, Martin Scorsese directing. This is a classic.
  • Blow - Stars Johnny Depp. It's about George Jung, who was a very successful cocaine dealer back in the 80s. Great performances, and it's a darn cool movie.
  • The Professional (AKA Leon) - It's a movie about an assassin played by Jean Reno. I totally fell in love with it. You will too.
  • Collateral - Michael Mann again. I'm a big fan of his work. This one stars Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise.
  • Point Break - Totally cool movie. It's about surfing and bank robbers. It's pretty extreme. Good cast. Patrick Swayze was awesome in it. It's worth seeing it just out of respect for him.
  • Reservoir Dogs - Hands down one of the coolest movies I've ever seen. Tarantino's first film, I believe. It's about a group of strangers that are brought together to work as a team of robbers. So awesome. You gotta see it.
  • Se7en - This movie will blow your mind. So powerful, so brilliantly constructed, so unforgettable. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are detectives hunting a serial killer. Beware, it can be pretty sick.
  • The Bourne Trilogy (Bourne Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum) - What an excellent movie trilogy. Great action, lots of superb fight scenes and car chases. It's basically about this guy who is trying to remember who he is and he will stop at nothing to find out.
  • Speed - This one ranks in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. It's action-packed, a total thrill ride from beginning to end. Keanu Reeves stars as a cop trying to stop a mad man bomber.
  • Die Hard series - If you're not familiar with John McClane, get yourself acquainted. The first one is a legendary action movie. The rest are all very good too.
  • Predator - About an alien that comes to earth who is confronted by a team of elite soldiers, led by Arnold Schwarzneggar.
  • The Sandlot - If you have any interest in baseball, this is the movie for you. To me, I've never seen another film that captured the feeling of growing up as well as this one did. It's about a group of kids growing up, playing baseball, and when something goes wrong, they find themselves in a pickle with the beast of a dog next door. 
  • The Warriors - After watching this one, hunt down the game of it from last gen, made by Rockstar Games. Very cool movie about these fictional gangs in New York. It's kind of old but still holds up real nicely.
  • The Lethal Weapon series - This is honestly my all-time favorite movie series. I love it. Great action, great relationship between Riggs and Murtaugh, played by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. They're two cops that become partners and work together to bring down the bad guys.
  • Cast Away - Tom Hanks gets stuck on an island. Doesn't sound like much, but I think it's outstanding. Directed by Robert Zemeckis. This one is in my all-time top 10.
  • Forrest Gump - Also in my top 10. Hopefully you've seen it already. This one is directed by Robert Zemeckis also. 
  • Hustle & Flow - I saw this one recently. It's about a pimp trying to become a rapper. Terrence Howard is great in it. I didn't expect too much out of this one, but it really left an impression on me. Very well crafted and it does a phenomenal job of escalating to it's climax.
  • Gone Baby Gone - I bet you haven't seen this one. It's directed by Ben Affleck, but don't let that discourage you. Stars his little brother Casey Affleck. It's about a detective trying to find a little girl who has been abducted. Not very pleasant subject matter. Lots of shady people, drug addicts, and thugs in the movie, but it's really something. Ed Harris will impress you.
  • Remember the Titans - I was reluctant to see this movie since I'm not much of a football fan, but you really don't have to be to appreciate this. Denzel Washington is outstanding in it. The movie is very moving and focuses largely on racism.
  • Cloverfield - Man, that J.J. Abrams... keep an eye on that guy. He's turning into a hollywood hotshot with his directing abilities. I don't think this film gets enough credit. It's basically a modern-day Godzilla movie. They do some really great stuff with it, and the attention to detail is fascinating. The way they craft it all together really impressed me.
  • Mission: Impossible III - Look, I'm not gonna recommend the whole trilogy. I never got into the first one, and the second one was cool, but the third one takes the series to a whole new level. It's pretty spectacular. They made the technology more believable, added a stronger story, and a remarkable cast. Again, J.J Abrams. 
  • Pulp Fiction - Most people will name this one, and they're right. If you haven't seen it, stop goofing around and get on it. 
  • The Fugitive - This one stars Harrison Ford as a fugitive on the run who is trying to prove his innocence before the cops can recapture him. I really love it and seem to enjoy it more each time I see it.
  • Desperado - Antonio Banderas is like the coolest guy ever in this movie, playing El Mariachi, who is man that disguises himself as a guitarist but is really on a dark path to revenge. The main villain in the movie kind of sucks, but it's still worth checking out. 
  • The Shawshank Redemption - This is one movie no one should miss. It's about a man who is sentenced to prison for murder and who tries to prove his innocence. Man, that ending... so unforgettable.
  • Jaws - What a classic. Great enough to mention even though odds are that you've seen it.
  • The Sixth Sense - Even if you haven't seen it, you probably already know about the spoilers. If that's the case, whatever, just watch it anyway. It's really great by all means. If you don't know about it, don't read anything. Just watch it. It stars Bruce Willis and young Haley Joel Osment.
  • Signs - This film, like the Sixth Sense, is by M. Night Shymalan. Sure, it's not as good, but it gets a lot of undeserved hate over one aspect of the plot. Nevertheless, it's an excellent movie, and Shymalan continues to show off his great skill as a director. If you're unaware, it's a film about aliens coming to Earth. 
  • Terminator 2 - If you haven't seen it, you haven't lived. No excuses. One of the greatest action movies ever made, without question. Even though it's from the early 90s, the technology still holds up incredibly well, and looks better than some of the special effects you see in movies today. Directed by James Cameron.
  • My Cousin Vinny - This is a great comedy starring the always wonderful Joe Pesci as an attorney defending his cousin on a murder case. Marisa Tomei is fabulous in it and you're destined to fall in love with her after this movie.
Alright, that's it. I'm finally stopping with that. Sorry in advance to all those that are annoyed by the ridiculous length of my post. Anyway, I hope I've named plenty of movies that you have yet to see that you can add to your journey. Thank you, and good night!
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3:10 to Yuma (2008)
A great film
Gran Torino would be up there as well.
I do love me some Die Hard
It is very difficult to choose

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Akria Kurosawa's Ran
Henry V
The Conversation
Mississippi Burning
Europa Europa
Let the Right One In
Eat Drink Man Woman
Vincent & Theo
Here are 10 movies that are worth your time.  They are beautifully executed movies with depth and substance.  Some are humorous and some thrilling, all are for serious film minded people though.  Several of them are foreign, but all are available on DVD now with subtitles.   You'll have to hunt them down because they are not your usual Hollywood fare. 
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I'll recommend The Proposition.

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Brokeback Mountain, Blade Runner, and A Clockwork Orange (lol I wrote Cockwork the first time) 
Love the avatar man!! 

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Get Netflix instant stream for xbox, watch movies, profit!?!?

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Lost In Translation
Spirited Away
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Star Wars (orignal) Trilogy
Apocalypse Now
40 Year Old Virgin
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
Science of Sleep
Taxi Driver
The Departed
Gangs of New York
Pulp Fiction
Stranger Than Fiction
Inglorious Bastards
...and many more!!!

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That's a mighty tall task for you.  Good luck on your endeavor!

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@CitizenKane said:
" That's a mighty tall task for you.  Good luck on your endeavor! "