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Hey Giant Bomb.


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Ah...Ok. Ok.

New to the whole FORUM thing. I, uh. You know I write about video games. A little. The article I linked to, I'm actually the author of.

It's just an observation on cel shading (apropos the upcoming release of jet-grind radio - or re-release I should say) and how it ages a lot better than the titles that try to approximate verisimilitude or photorealism with their graphics.

That's all.


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It ages better, if you liked it in the first place. The same could be said (and has been said) for many types of stylization. Take WoW versus EQ2. With the exception of MMOs meant to have lives in the years, I don't think that the objective of any game, when it is made, should be to stand the test of time. Games are made to be enjoyed when they are new. It's great when you can go back and enjoy your old favorites without having to apologize for the graphics, but being able to do that doesn't really feed all that well into publishers' business models. I mean, even if you had to re-buy your old game to play it, you aren't going to drop more than 5-10 bucks on it.

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Umm there isnt a link... Anyways welcome and hello! I am SexyToad the sexiest.

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@SexyToad: Yeah but I think the dude made a blog with just a link in it.

This is a vast improvement brother.

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General rule of the forums: include a short summarizing paragraph with any link that you put on here and you'll be fine.
Also welcome.

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@Veektarius: I suppose you're right. It comes down to preference - If you liked the cel-shading aesthetic to being with then of course they would appear to age better. but you did bring up WOW - isn't that one of the reasons WoW has been the juggernaut that it is? It had a pleasant non-realistic feel to it from the beginning?

But yes, I agree - Games aren't just made to last - we're not talking about roofing or vinyl siding: They can be made to consumed and put away, I'm thinking of iOS games for example.