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Not a big sports fan, but a few of my friends online sent this to me and I wanted to pass it along. The Ohio State University Marching Band performed a video game themed halftime show against Nebraska on 10/6.

No Sony love, but they threw in Halo with a mostly Nintendo based set of Pokemon, Mario, Tetris, and Zelda, with a cameo by Pac-Man as well. I really enjoyed the Epona bit myself :)

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That was truly amazing. I'm fine with them beating my home team now.

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I really regret passing up on going to that game. Kicking myself in the nuts.

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That Epona part was pretty amazing. It was all great.

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I love seeing this shit.

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Pretty sweet. I root for the Big Ten and whoever's undefeated generally; just because that's how the system works. Fortunately Ohio State can't even play in a bowl game so they don't have to get destroyed by the SEC this year; hopefully they're top 5 in the AP poll by the end of the season for good humor.

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Woo thats my Alma Matar!! Go OSU.

The Best Damn Band In The Land indeed.

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There is a marching band in my area that is also doing a video game themed show, but it has nothing on the OSU band! This band has a lot of talent!

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That was amazing.

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That Tetris part... man that Whole thing.. Awesome.

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Impress stuff!

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Holy Crap on a stick.

Also, as far as the comment about lack of Sony love, I'm not sure what music I'd consider Iconic for Sony, so I'm not sure what they could have used. Maybe Nate's theme from Uncharted?

I think they went with what they could represent with basic iconography, too. INSANE BASIC ICONOGRAPHY ON A HUGE SCALE, but trying to make people identify Nate's ring or the Uncharted coin(s) may be a bit difficult.

Maybe they could do a instrumental version of a Parappa song, but I doubt that would connect with most folks.

Perhaps the main God of War theme, but it'd be hard to nail down iconography for that, except for maybe the chainblades?

No idea. Either way, this was a fantastic feat of coordination and practice.

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Holy shit Epona.