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Anyone seen this yet? Trying to decide if I should go tonight. Is it more Transformers style Bay or The Rock/Bad Boys style Bay?

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This guy says it's all right. He also says it definitely leans toward the latter.

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From what I've heard it's pretty dumb and Michael Bay goes a little too Michael Bay with it but that overall it's pretty decent. It certainly seems to be more Bad Boys than Transformers.

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"Pain and Gain" sounds like Michael Bay's movie making philosophy.

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It was ok. It's not really an action movie or a comedy movie. It was more of a drama with some funny stuff here and there and maybe 2 to 3 action sequences. It really is about the true story that happened all those years back. But if you go in expecting that, I'm sure it'll be ok. I was actually expecting off-the-wall Bad Boys 2 type shit. But that's not really what it was.

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Michael Bay is awesome. Haters be hating on his stuff. He makes popcorn flicks like no others. I'll probably be watching it tomorrow Been missing a good Bad Boy's esque movie.

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So I went ahead and saw it last night. Not bad, pretty fun, but sort of weird. Bay seems to have an incredible amount of disdain for most of he characters, which is sort of weird. Throughout the whole thing, I couldn't shake the feeling that Bay could make a much better movie if he wanted to, but I just don't think he gives a shit.

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I just saw it, and I thought it was great. Really funny. I would even go so far as to say hilarious.

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I really liked it, I felt it wasn't too action heavy, but it felt like a really damn long movie. When I thought it was almost over, I later realized that was only the halfway mark.

I enjoyed it, glad I saw it, but I wouldn't want to watch it again while it's still in theaters.

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I went in with sub-zero expectations. Having loved earlier stuff, but holding the belief that the Transformers movies are some of the most detestable abominations that have ever been spewed from this planet. After seeing it, I honestly think it is my favorite movie of the year so far. It feels like Bay going back his roots. Say what you will about the guy, he knows how to shoot a movie, if he had a little self-control, he could be one of the greatest filmmakers working today.

Pain and Gain is fantastic, if not a bit bloated. Bay set out to make a dark comedy and he did it. It's a dumb movie about dumber people, and it works so well on that level that I couldn't help but have a smile on through the whole thing. Great performances all around, with absolute special notice to The Rock who has delivered the performance of his career and one of the most memorable characters in recent cinema history.

Trust me, like I said I was expecting the worst of the worst and ended up with the exact opposite. Loved it, go see it!

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In some ways, I think it looks kind of fascinating, but at the same time, it seems incredibly disrespectful to people who are still very much alive, and in other cases tragically dead. Makes me a little uncomfortable.

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As a bodybuilder, WWE watcher and big Rock fan this is a must see movie for me. Unfortunately its not out here in Norway for another 2 months!

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Well this isn't what I expected... I should probably pay more attention to current movies.

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It really isn't your average Michael Bay movie. It's a dramedy, but it's way darker than any of his past movies. That's really my biggest problem with it; it's dealing with some dark subject matter, so it should have had some dark comedy. Not the goofy, lighthearted stuff you see in Michael Bay movies. So whenever it switches between comedy and drama it's incredibly jarring.

I did enjoy the movie, though. Michael Bay should keep going down this road and stay away from the ostentatious stuff he usually makes. He made a fairly compelling and subdued movie with mostly dramatic elements, and that still amazes me. Would you ever use the word subdued to describe a Michael Bay movie? Nope! But he actually did it for once.

I think The Rock is the best part of the movie. He plays a sort of wide-eyed and brutish character in the movie, and he really nails it.

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Watched it last night, thought it was a great movie. Weird thinking how they actually pulled it off for awhile. In real life, the guy they captured and tortured for a month, didn't go to the police for months.